New member - Siva Chidambaram

Vice President Janet, fellow Kiwanians, honored guests. It is my pleasure to introduce to you a friend of mine, Siva Chidambaram. It is indeed a special occasion when we invite someone to join our Kiwanis family. I had the privilege to propose to our membership committee, with the help of Susan Menzies, Siva as a prospective member of our club. The committee approved our proposal and it is now time to introduce Siva to the membership of the club.

Siva is married to Usha, who is a medical doctor. Both are from Chennai, formerly Madras, India, they have two sons, Avinach who is a design engineer in Ottawa and is getting married in October, and Skaresh who is in his final year of a BCom degree at the University of Toronto. Siva has a Master of Arts degree from Madras University in economics.

Siva spent many years working on international projects with the united nations, worked as an economist for UNDP in Maseru, Lesotho; chief technical planner for UN in Somalia and in Nairobi; then worked as consultant in project management in Canada. Siva is currently working with our company as a consultant, while at the same time representing Shapre Infor Services of Chennai in Canada. Siva and I were on national television in India when we signed an MOU in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, the Hon. Mr. John Manley. Travelling with Siva to India was quite an experience: driving… …we are going back on March 2nd for 10 days.

Siva was charter President of a Lions club in India and has a lot of experience in community service. Well, so much about Siva. Now, I have a few words for Siva. As your sponsor, consider me as a godfather. And Susan, your cosponsor, as your guiding angel. We are there to motivate you, to advise you, and to help you as you become part of our Kiwanis family. We will welcome you to the weekly meetings, and in case we don’t see you for a few weeks, Susan and I might just provide you with a friendly escort, which I am sure, won’t be necessary. President Richard will assign you to work on one or two committees, and that is when the fun begins. Our weekly meetings are important, informative, and we bring a lot of humour into the Friday noon luncheons. But when we participate in the work of committees, we truly feel that we can make a difference in the life of young children, senior citizens, and those in need of help. Siva, we have got to know each other well, and as we expressed before, we are like brothers. I can honestly say that sponsoring you is a special privilege, because i strongly feel that you will be a great asset to our Club and to Kiwanis.