New Member - Debra-Lynn Menard

Debra-Lynn was introduced by Mike Moore as someone who understands what it means to be invovled. Her significant invovlement in community projects for kids will be a natural fit with her joining the Young Children Priority One commitee.

Here is Mike Moore's introduction:

Born in Cornwall Grew Up in Green Valley 3 of 6 children Graduated from St. Lawrence College Business Admin Hon. B.A. from Carleton Law and Sociology Currently completing a combined M.Ed. (counseling) & PH.D (success of individuals Ottawa U) Founder of "The Leader's Edge" Consulting, Training, Facilitating Human Resources Debra Lynn loves children and has been associated with CHEO in various capacities.

Currently working with a group of psychiatrists from CHEO on a program for children ages 3 to 16 on issues of self-esteem and weight management. Sits on a committee dealing with literacy issues in Ontario.

Volunteer Work: Tulip Festival o Jazz Festival o Blues Festival o Greek Festival o Italian Festival o Ottawa N.C.C. Marathon o Massage Therapy at St. Patricks Interests - long distance cycling and golf. Debra Lynn has been talking to Howard Whittaker regarding young children priority one. Debra Lynn is full of energy, enthusiasm and has a great sense of humor. I believe she will bring a great deal to our club. Fellow Kiwanians allow me to introduce to you our newest member Debra Lynn Menard.