Never Shake a Baby: National Release of the New Educational Video

An infant’s crying can generate enough frustration in a parent or caregiver to induce forceful shaking of the child, resulting in serious brain injury known as Shaken Baby Syndrome. It occurs when forceful shaking repeatedly squashes the brain against the skull. This is a preventable tragedy.

National Release of an education video: NEVER SHAKE A BABY What parents and Caregivers Need to Know The production of this video in both official languages was undertaken by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and its partners, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Foundation, the Champions for Children Foundation of Ottawa-Carleton, Kiwanis International Foundation and Health Canada/Population Health Directorate. This video will contribute to public awareness and facilitate the development of local initiatives across the country targeted at preventing further tragedies. It is expected that the release of the video will have a positive impact on the preparations for the First Canadian Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome set for Vancouver, April 21-24, 1999.