Navidad Virus

A range of Kiwanis members have been hit by the W32.Navid virus. The virus is a mass mailing worm which uses a security hole in Microsoft Outlook on Windows. The worm utilizes an existing eMail subject line and body, and replaces the attachment with the NAVIDAD.EXE virus. The worm can cause your system to become unstable.

The Kiwanis newsletter that was mailed out on 2000-11-10 DID NOT contain the virus, however people who received the newsletter and were infected, sent out messages that looked like they came from Kiwanis.

Information on the virus, and antidote program and instructions on removing it can be found at: The security hole in Microsoft Outlook can be closed up updating to the newest version of Outlook. The update is available at or by using the auto-update feature in Outlook.