Membership has its privileges

Membership is the key to our Club's success.

Bottom line - a strong membership base is vital for the continued positive growth of our club. Like any Association, each year we are faced with the prospect of losing on average 25 members because of transfers, job pressures, etc. This year, and it is only mid March, 18 members have resigned and we have introduced 10 new members to our club. This has only happened because of dedicated sponsors who have shared Kiwanis and its global objectives with these new members.

The operative word of course is SPONSOR.. What does it take to be a SPONSOR? All it really takes is to identify a friend, business associate, or even a client, who you feel would make a positive contribution to our club and our community and who you think might consider joining the greatest service club in the world.

The next step is to invite a potential new member out to one of our Friday luncheons meetings. You might want to target a specific luncheon that you know will make an impact on your guest because of the topic or keynote speaker.

You should take advantage of our Prospective Members Day / St. Patrick's Day Luncheon when the world is green with envy, or is that joy? We will be entertained and you can join in with the singing of selected Irish songs. A good time with fellowship and music! (If you cannot expense your prospective member/guest please call the Kiwanis office to arrange "guest of the club status").

Sponsoring a new member is a unique experience. It reaffirms your personal commitment in what we do, and what we can do as one of the top 20 Kiwanis Clubs in the world.

Resignations- 18 Dave Parkes Ken Guarisco Mike Chettleburgh Jack Woods Gus Barrieau Red Emond Bruce Killen Rick Logsdail Ed Madronich Bob French Brad Smith David Young Peter Weltman Ray Jacobsen Peter Nadeau Tom Moore Kent Howie Orian Low

New Members: 10 Patrick McGarry Brian Kloppenburg Frank Lambros Jan Mansfield Phil Rossy Aubrey de Young Stewart Watson Shawn Williams Peter Markham Claudia Coburn (Mar 24)


Myrna Beattie Chair, Membership Committee