Media Alert for Seniors' Awards

For Immediate Release 1999-07-08

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa will be honoring four senior citizens who have made outstanding contributions as volunteers for seniors in our community. On Friday July 9, 1999, at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, the following seniors will be honored: Mr. Raphael Pelletier for nearly 20 years work at Saint Vincent Hospital. Mrs. Marion Reid for her 20 year volunteer activity at the Ottawa West Community Seniors Support centre. Miss Noreen Tink for 35 years work with the Ladies’ Auxiliary of St. Patrick’s Home. Sister Margaret Mary O’Neill for her lengthy support at the Bruyere Palliative Care Centre.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is celebrating 82 years of active fund raising and community involvement as a non-profit organization. The largest Kiwanis Club in Canada, and with over $600,000 returned to the local community each year, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is one of the most active and dynamic service clubs in the world.

One of the 8,000 Clubs in Kiwanis International, the Club has met every Friday since 1917 at the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa.

- 30 - For information call Harry Brown (Kiwanis Club of Ottawa) at 828-5636. Fact Sheet for Mr. Raphael Pelletier Mr. Pelletier celebrated his 88th birthday on January 10 of this year and at the time was still volunteering. Unfortunately, he fell and broke his hip in early February and has had to cancel his activities, as he says, ‘temporarily!’ Mr. Pelletier began volunteering at Saint-Vincent Hospital in 1980 and ever since has accompanied literally thousands of wheelchair bound residents to Sunday morning worship. Every Tuesday evening, along with two other volunteers, he assists a disabled priest, making it possible for this priest to celebrate Mass in his own room. Each Tuesday you can set your clock by the arrival of Mr. Pelletier on his way to assist another. Mr. Pelletier is a wonderful gentleman and a very fine human being. Despite his age and the challenges brought on by time, he continues in his task of service to others less able than himself. This world would be a better place if there were more ‘Raphael Pelletiers’ around.

Fact Sheet for Mrs. Marion Reid Marion has lived in the same west end community all of her life and is an integral part of the best of that community. Whether it is quietly helping a neighbour or organizing a charity dinner for hundreds of people, Marion works with wise and gentle compassion and efficiency. She has served as a Volunteer, a Board Member and Secretary for Ottawa West Community Seniors Support (OWCS) for 20 years. She is a voice of reason and vision on the OWCS Board. Her insight comes from a solid base of first hand service and commitment to the needs of others, particularly the less fortunate. She is as comfortable and competent working in the kitchen or serving as the OWCS volunteer coordinator. With Marion her official volunteer roles flow effortlessly and seamlessly into friendship and role of good neighbour. As part of the Northwestern United Church women she has organized community suppers for worthwhile causes and the sponsorship program at Christmas for needy families: spearheaded a low to no cost day care for the west end community during the teacher’s strike; and is the first to be called when unforeseen events require a reception on short notice. She has done all this while raising six children and working full time in the Salter-Reid Electrical business, another neighbourhood institution, which masterminds with her husband Carl.

Fact Sheet for Miss Noreen Tink St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa has been blessed with the support of the Ladies Auxiliary since 1866. While every era has had its great leaders and benefactors, St. Patrick’s Home is lucky to have one of the all-time outstanding members of the Auxiliary: Miss Noreen Tink. Noreen joined the auxiliary in 1964 as the representative of St. Budget’s Parish. Since then she has shown her commitment to the welfare of the residents of St. Pat’s during her 35 unbroken years of membership. She has served as President of the Auxiliary from 1968-1976; from 1980-82; and from 1996 to the present day. She is referred to as “a most energetic and faithful leader”. Not only the institution benefits from the caring attentions of Noreen and the Auxiliary; the residents are always acknowledged and presented with gifts upon admission, and at Christmas. Their birthdays are celebrated in card and in feast. Noreen’s time and talent is given to organizing card games, birthday dinners, Christmas, Valentine and Halloween parties, for the pleasure of the residents. Every year she participates in the major undertaking of the organization, the traditional St. Patrick’s Day Tea, as well as the manufacture and city-wide sale of shamrocks to support the work of the Auxiliary. Noreen is always responsive to any request for assistance from the Administration of the Home. If no specific request is made, she will lead her members in their own projects which always enhance the quality of life of the residents. Noreen can truly be called an “Angel of Mercy” for her heart is great, as evidenced by her steady and loyal devotion to the residents of St. Patrick’s Home. Noreen is proud of the fact that she is the leader of the oldest auxiliary in Ontario, and perhaps the oldest auxiliary in Canada. St. Patrick’s Home cannot imagine their Ladies Auxiliary without Noreen for she is “always there”, and everyone is extremely grateful for her vision and her dedication.

Fact Sheet for Sister Margaret Mary O’Neill A commendable human being, Sister Mary Margaret O’Neill’s commitment to has moved the lives of many people for over 65 years. A member of the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception since 1931, Sister Mary Margaret has been working for the good and welfare of others from the start. A teacher for over 36 years, Sister Mary Margaret has been offering pastoral services 7 hours a day since her retirement as a teacher in 1975. Now in the 19th year as a volunteer pastoral care worker at the Elisabeth-Bruyere Health Centre, the work is the fulfillment of a lifetime of selfless giving, teaching, and counseling. It involves talking to and, especially, listening to the chronic care patients that she visits. The manager of volunteer resources at the centre cites Sister Mary Margaret’s contribution to the centre as ‘extraordinary’. Sister Mary Margaret has logged over 20,000 hours of volunteer work at the centre. In addition to the work she puts in at the Elisabeth-Bruyere Centre, Sister Mary Margaret finds time two nights a week to help staff at the Bronson Pavilion, a centre for geriatric patients. The gift is measured in the spirit in which it is given. For Sister Mary Margaret, quote “I like working with people and I get as much as I give. That’s my satisfaction”.

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