Major Directions from the Strategic Plan

It has been about 6 months since the Strategic Planning Committee presented a new Plan to the Club, and the process of implementing the Plan began. With the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Friday, January 23rd, the Committee wanted to present a review for Members of the major directions of the Plan.

Re-organize the Club structure: The Club structure should be updated to include three Steering Committees (Fund Raising, Community Service and Operations) to promote communication and synergy in the Club and focus the energy of the President Elect, the Vice Presidents and the Board.

Increase involved members by 10%: Involved members are not defined by their roster status, but by the contributions that they make to the Club. The Club should shift its emphasis from the number of members in the roster, to getting members involved in the success of the Club.

Fund internally: In the current environment where the are many fund raising organizations in the Ottawa area, the Club should focus on fund raising for its own internal projects. The community service projects of the Club are significant, and are key to raising the profile of the Club to attract both members and sponsors.

Develop an integrated approach to fund raising: The Club needs to develop an approach to fund raising that makes it easy for sponsors to partner with the Club on a single project or on multiple projects. The system should reduce the duplication that currently results in potential sponsors being approached on multiple occasions. The Club also needs to consider approaching funders to assist with the internal community service projects that can align with funders requirements.

Create a formal consultation with community Partners: The selection of community service projects by the Club should be based on feedback from a series of our community partners in areas that have been determined to be high need or high impact. The Club needs a regular process for identifying these needs through partners.

Active branding of Kiwanis: In order to attract and keep new members, sponsors and partners, the Club is going to need to be able to clearly show how the Club benefits the community. The Club will need to identify its message, and ensure that all the ways that it communicates with the community reinforce that message. The Strategic Planning Committee is working with the Board, Steering Committee Chairs, Committee Chairs and Club members to help improve the services that the Club offers to the community.