Luncheon Meeting - Sam Bhargava

Sam Bhargava - Candidate for District Governor-Elect  “First in Leadership – First in Responsibility”   Proud, dedicated Kiwanian for 22 years, and President of our Club in 2005-06, Sam presented his Vision:  Strong Youth, Strong Community, Strong Kiwanis!  

Sam thanked the Club for the support all members have given him over the years in good and very difficult times. He related various successful club projects he has led and stressed that these accomplishments would not have been possible without team work. He drew attention to the two videos Precious Minds and Never Shake a baby that have been a tremendous success and have sold to date over 300,000 copies in Canada and the United States, success we would not have known without team work. He underlined that this team work is equivalent to free learning.   

Sam then turned his attention to the job at hand, electing him District Governor and reminded members that the DG sets the direction for the entire district, which encompasses 350 clubs in 17 countries. He talked about the Power of Many and that working together leads to good things. “We can change the world, one club and one child at a time.”

He maintains that our club is a Flagship club that can set the example to move forward and has the potential of being the best club in the world, if it builds on its past history of achievements.

Sam’s objective is to make Kiwanis bigger and stronger. He aspires to increase the impact of Kiwanis on our communities. He suggests that this is possible through our youth programs because youth is our future. Our youth face great problems but they also represent great potential. Our work is to reconcile these two pictures by focusing on our youth programs – Key Clubs, Circle Ks and Cadets that stress leadership training to help youth succeed in life.

Sam proposed three strategies to move forward:

1.  Youth - more focus on partnerships, i.e. Boys and Girls Club; we should act as one
2.  Community - kids need to grow inside and outside the classroom
3.  Kiwanis - build on our most important programs dealing with service and leadership

We must believe in the Power of many, Kiwanis needs leaders who know how to build on the Power of many. He gave as an example how he, Uttra and one social worker in Ottawa lobbied the Federal Government to declare one day a year National Child Day. Today, more than 8,000 communities in Canada celebrate this day.

Raffle - Congratulations to Uttra Bhargava who won the 50/50 draw,  and then she donated the proceeds back to the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa

Attendance:   35 = 32 members, 3 guests