Luncheon Meeting - Legion of Honour & New Members Induction - June 24, 2011

Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Adam Room, 1 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON  12:15 - 1:45 p.m.

Kiwanis International - Legion of Honour      
The success of Kiwanis International is largely due to the earnest, effective, and active service of thousands of Kiwanians, many of whom attain more than 25 years of membership. The Legion of Honour of Kiwanis International was created to extend a token of appreciation to these Kiwanians, recognizing members with 25 or more years, in 5-year increments.

We consider it a privilege that we recognize the following:

1.         Allan Castledine 60 years              9.    Lt. Governor Bill Gosewitz, Program Chair
2.         Barry Weatherdon 55 years          10.  Rev. John Moor, Invocation
3.         Father Barry McGrory 45 years      11.  Wayne Beaudoin 30 years
4.         Chris Fournier 40 years                 12.  Jack Warner, 25 years  
5.         Ross Hadwen 35 years                 13.   Ron Wing,  25 years
6.         Tom Spence, 35 years                   14.   Peter Charboneau 25 years
7.         Howard Lithwick, 35 years            15.   Allan Macintyre, 25 years
8.         President Phil Rossy                      16.   Ross Christensen, Guest book

All former Legion of Honour recipients – of which there are 34 – will also be recognized for their contribution to Kiwanis.

       Come out to show your support and to thank these members for their service!

New Members’ Induction – we are also pleased to officially induct the following members  who will be seated at a sub-head table along with their sponsors.

 New Member                                           

1. Deidre Powell          5.  James Taylor
2.  Claude Drouin        6.  David Puff
3.  Mark O'Neill            7.   Frank Nisi
4.  Paul Arnold             8.  Patricia Creppin
                                    9.  Rabbi Steven Garten