Luncheon Meeting - Hilton Garden Inn Ottawa Airport, 2400 Alert Rd

Guest Speaker – President-Designate Martin Diegel

Come hear from Martin about the plans for the coming year.  This is truly a meeting you will not want to miss…the last meeting he presided at will be considered tame by comparison. Get a preview of what to expect.

Please confirm your attendance and if you successfully answer the questions below in the confirmation email Martin will give you a bottle of wine as a prize (if a new member wins in addition he will chauffeur them to and from the new members reception or arrange a limousine)

Will Martin be announcing the following changes:

  1. summer dress all year round
  2. open bar at all meetings
  3. member engagement plans
  4. moving from the Chateau
  5. changes in the presidential term
  6. changes to the management structure
  7. changing the rose and the welcome song
  8. changing the website
  9. reverting back to mailouts
  10. fill in the blank_______ as to what else he will announce
  11. none of the above
  12. all of the above

On the menu – Rainbow Trout fillet with green pea risotto (rice), seasonal vegetables, triple-berry crumble