Local Hero Honoured by Kiwanis

Ottawa – In 1994, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, together with the Advanced Coronary Treatment (ACT) Foundation of Canada, launched a pilot project in Ottawa-Carleton school boards introducing a mandatory CPR program into six area high schools. The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa donated 800 mannequins from the proceeds of a special fundraising initiative for the project.

Without this support, the pilot project could not have gone forward. The success of the Ottawa Model resulted in a commitment from the Ottawa-Carleton area boards to expand the program to all area high schools. Ten thousand grade 9 students are now being trained each year. The ACT Foundation is taking the initiative nation-wide and already other communities such as GTA, Montreal, and several rural areas have introduced the Ottawa Model into their schools.


While in Halifax on vacation, seventeen-year-old Kasia Smetny was watching a tennis match when a sixty-year-old gentleman collapsed. Kasia reacted immediately and provided CPR until an ambulance arrived. Kasia was credited with saving his life. Today Nick Weatherston, a Halifax businessman, has made a full recovery and is leading a normal life. Kasia Smetny is an Ottawa teenager who was one of the first graduates of the CPR Pilot Project. At its meeting of December 11th, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa will be honouring Kasia with a plaque acknowledging her heroism.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is celebrating 82 years of active fundraising and community involvement as a non-profit organization. The largest Kiwanis Club in Canada, and with over $600,000 returned to the local community each year, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is one of the most active and dynamic service clubs in the world. One of the 8 000 Clubs in Kiwanis International, the Club has met every Friday since 1917 at the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa.