Legacy for Life Fund

The Legacy For Life Fund of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is proud to offer an exciting new means of ensuring the future of our Club's positive impact on our community.

Beginning today, November 5, a beautiful new card is available to help you acknowledge important events. A Legacy For Life donation card can be sent for a minimum donation of $15.00 for so many different occasions. You can send these cards in honour of a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, a birth; as well as a thank you for dinner, for hospitality; in gratitude; in memory; wishing good health to someone who is ailing; congratulating someone who graduates, gets a promotion; wishing someone in a new home or a new job.

Sending a card is easy. Just call the Kiwanis office at 233-1900. You can also request a card through the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa web site. You may pay by VISA, MasterCard, or by cheque. A charitable receipt for income tax purposes will be issued for the full amount of your donation.

Using the Legacy For Life Fund is an appropriate way to share in the lives of so many: those who are touched by your thoughtfulness, and those in our community who will benefit in perpetuity from your generosity. Every month, on Page Four of our weekly newsletter, there will be acknowledgement of all donations made to date, including the donors and recipients names and the occasions that have been honoured through the Legacy For Life Fund. If a card is being sent and the donor prefers not to be published, the donor can simply indicate this when ordering a card.

If you have any questions regarding the Legacy For Life Fund, please contact Paul Kane at 238-2022 or any member of the Committee. Thank you for your continued support of our club projects.

Paul Kane Lawyer with Perley, Robertson, Panet, Hill & McDougall

Chair of our Legacy For Life Committee