Legacy Donation Card Requests

A Legacy donation card can be sent for a minimum donation of $15.00 for so many different occasions. You can send these cards in honour of a birthday, an engagement, an anniversary, a birth; as well as a thank you for dinner, for hospitality; in gratitude; in memory; wishing good health to someone who is ailing; congratulating someone who graduates, gets a promotion; wishing someone in a new home or a new job.

From this page, you can send an eMail to the Kiwanis Office requesting a card be sent out. Please include the following information in the eMail: The name and address of the person who should receive the card. The occasion that the card is being sent for. The text that you would like included on the card. The amount of the donation that you would like to make, and how you would like to make the donation (Visa, MasterCard or cheque). Your name and address for tax receipt purposes. After the card has been sent out, you will receive a receipt in the mail.

If you have any questions, please call the Kiwanis office at 613.233.1900.