Launch of Kiwanis Fit Kids

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa announced the kick off of the “Kiwanis Fit Kid” program on Monday, October 22nd at 17:30, at the Phytness Centre, 1427 Olgivie Road. Kiwanis Fit Kids aims to help lower childhood obesity by providing kids in schools with pedometers and a program that kids and parents can do in 20 minutes a day. Wendall Hughes the Chair for this initiative has been involved in physical fitness over the past 30 years will be celebrating running 100,000 kilometers as part of the launch of the event. Wendall had kids to join him in crossing the ribbon which marks the end of the first 100,000 kilometers, and the start of the second 100,000. “Physical fitness has made a positive impact on my life, and I hope this program can do the same for the kids who get involved in it” says Mr. Hughes.

Photos from the launch can be found here. “The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has been involved in helping address issues in the community since 1917, and this is the newest example of Kiwanians making a difference” says Kiwanis Club of Ottawa President Bill Gosewitz. “One Can Make a Difference” is the theme for Kiwanians International, and Kiwanis Fit Kids is another example of how the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and its members are making a difference.