Kiwanis Turnover Luncheon – September 28, 2007 – President Bill Gosewitz’s speech

Lt. Governor David, Past Lt Governor Shirley, Past President Neil, fellow Kiwanians and guests, let me start by saying, I am proud and honoured to be your 90th President. Thank you to Les Morin – who brought me into the club and to Grant King who passed on the opportunity saying ‘I am not interested ….but do I have someone for you…’ Thank you to my wife, Joanne – who has stood by me – to allow the time to participate in Kiwanis.

I would like to thank Immediate Past President Neil and his Board, for a job well done. We had some trying issues – but Neil kept his hand on the wheel and we moved forward. If I can do half the job, I will be successful.

I am blessed to have the assistance of Guy Bourbonnière, Harold Feder, Peter Patafie, Rita and Mike, and the Board of Directors. We still have many challenges to overcome as I will outline shortly. We must realize we are not alone – all service clubs are having issues as the world changes. I feel the members of this club are up to the task and I look forward to working with each and every one of you.

I would like to say - In the words of Rick Barrigar – “Be Careful What you wish for” he said - would you like to be a president – I said sure excitedly – but I thought he asked if I would like to get a present…….well here I am.

It is now my pleasure to introduce our Committee Chairs for the coming year. It has been a challenge to fill our committees and we still have some work to do, but I am confident our members will come through – I would ask each person to stand and remain standing until I have completed the list. Interclub Sports and Social – Kathleen Holst Program – Helene Crabb and Lynda Campbell Communications – Jamie Johnson Bedzzz Race – Steve Moore and Scott Bradford Bon Appetit – Paul Drouin Golf Tournament – Patrick McGarry Corporate Partnerships – Tom Pullen and Angela Cummings Project Development – Ken Nelson Cadets – Ken Miller and Guy Milne Circle K – Ian Hendry and Anthony McGlynn Key Club – Grant Yusak Direct Assistance – Will Thompson and Neil McDonald Medical Foundation – Peter Nadeau Ycpo – Ian Sterling and Wendall Hughes Membership Engagement/Retention – we have several Kiwanians who have agreed to step up to the plate and we are currently working to outline the direction – Clive Woolley, Bob Vergette, David Urie and David Costford.

I would now like to take our guests, new members and experienced members, through a powerpoint presentation I prepared – it’s the first time and I am no expert – but it will give you the hi-lites for next year and a challenge.

I challenge the club to raise $90K for the Bed Race in February. Last year we raised $38K – we have the potential for more beds – pledges for the ‘Headboards’ (Board of Directors team) – possibly inviting other charitable organizations and Kiwanis clubs to participate –lets hit $90K and I will shave my head on National Tv!

We also need new members – keep your eyes and ears open – lets bring new people to share in our activities. In summation – This great Club is a group of volunteers Committed to changing Our Community and The World – One Child at a time. I look forward to working with you –lets ensure we have fun at the same time”. One Can Make A Difference!

Yours in Kiwanis President Bill Gosewitz