Kiwanis Trivia Questions


QUESTION: In what city did Kiwanis start? ANSWER: Detroit

QUESTION: Which committee sponsors the Night at the Races? ANSWER: Medical Foundation

QUESTION: Who in the club finds it a “Thrill to Bill”? ANSWER: Matt McGrath

QUESTION: We are in the EC&C District. What does EC&C stand for? ANSWER: Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District

QUESTION: How many committees are there currently in our club? ANSWER: 23

QUESTION: At which high schools do we have key clubs? ANSWER: Lisgar, Glebe, Nepean, Sir Robert Borden

QUESTION: How many chaplains do we have in the club? ANSWER: 7

QUESTION: Name three clubs sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa? ANSWER: Rideau, Prescott, Brockville, Cornwall, Orleans, Sage, Kanata, Pembroke, Westboro

QUESTION: What is the maximum and minimum time for a leave of absence? ANSWER: Max. 6 months, min. 30 days

QUESTION: Where did the Music Committee perform in New York and what was the occassion? ANSWER: Madison Square Gardens - International Kiwanis Convention


QUESTION: Which member, not David Daubney, has a seat in the Senate? ANSWER: Dr. Wilbert Keon

QUESTION: What is the Kiwanis Motto? ANSWER: We Build

QUESTION: Who is our premier partner for this years T.V. Auction? ANSWER: JacMar Depot

QUESTION: Last week Ed Harsant, President of Business Depot, spoke about box retailing. Who is the member that owns his own box stores in Ottawa? ANSWER: Brian McGarry

QUESTION: Can you name the first Canadian Kiwanis Club? ANSWER: Hamilton. Toronto second, Ottawa third.

QUESTION: Which committee was responsible for starting the Log Farm on Cedar Hill Road in 1977? ANSWER: Agriculture

QUESTION: Who was the President the year Prince Charles and Princess Diana dropped in for lunch? ANSWER: Doug Legere

QUESTION: What two unusual occurances took place or did not take place at the Royal Luncheon? ANSWER: Downtown blackout, no water in the head table glasses

QUESTION: For a club member to be eligible for the Legion of Honor Award, must their membership be continuous in one club only? ANSWER: No

QUESTION: Who is the cool Chairperson of this years Winterlude Committee? ANSWER: Jill Bobula


QUESTION: Where can you purchase Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Nevada tickets? ANSWER: Zellers at Billings Bridge

QUESTION: Who are the two flashers that keep us in the picture? ANSWER: Barry Young and John Law

QUESTION: Where is the Kiwanis International Office? ANSWER: Indianapolis, IN QUESTION: Which member recently broke the Chain of Command? ANSWER: Jackie Holzman

QUESTION: Which two former Prime Ministers were honorary members of our club? ANSWER: Diefenbaker and Pearson

QUESTION: What is the "Fine Money" used for? ANSWER: Purchase flowers for ill members, flowers for new moms, memorial gifts for members, their spouses, mother or father or child who have died

QUESTION: How many TV Auctions have there been? ANSWER: 32

QUESTION: Name the 3 Districts of Kiwanis in Canada? ANSWER: Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District, Western District and Pacific Northwest

QUESTION: In what year was the Medical Foundation formed? ANSWER: 1980

QUESTION: Who is the Chairman of the Iodine Deficiency Disorder Project Committee? ANSWER: Fred Rendell ROUND 4

QUESTION: Who is Coach Quacky's trainer and manager? ANSWER: Wayne French

QUESTION: What is the first object of Kiwanis? ANSWER: To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than the material values of life

QUESTION: Where in Canada will the 1998 International Convention be held? ANSWER: Montreal

QUESTION: Who is the Kiwanian, not a lawyer, with 2 years perfect attendance and has been in and out of Citizenship Court more than 50 times? ANSWER: Bob Horlick

QUESTION: Who was the follically challenged former member who flipped his wife when he fell backwards while sitting at the head table and yet remained on his feet when he went over the Rideau Falls? ANSWER: Jake Klassen

QUESTION: A member qualifies for a Leave of Absence. What are their financial obligations during that period? ANSWER: They must pay their dues only

QUESTION: Which Hall of Famer was the first Commanding Officer of the 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Royal Cdn. Air Cdt. Sqn.? ANSWER: Vic Castledine

QUESTION: What 2 main activities do we run at the Carp Fair? ANSWER: Story Book Farm and the Seniors Tent

QUESTION: Who fixed a Lancaster Bomber with a wad of Wrigleys Gum? ANSWER: Frank Cauley

PLAYOFF ROUND QUESTION: How many clubs are there in Kiwanis International? ANSWER: 8,772

QUESTION: Who was the number 1 Charter member in 1917? ANSWER: Arthur J. Ames

QUESTION: How many members are there in the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Hall of Fame? ANSWER: 17

QUESTION: Which Kiwanian was recently featured in the latest Kiwanis International Magazine? ANSWER: Peter Patafie