Kiwanis Remembrance Luncheon Nov 9 - Sergeant Bjarne Nielsen

Our Guest Speaker was Sergeant Bjarne Nielsen, from the 1st Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment, talked to us about the “fighting spirit” of Canadians, a spirit with which we overcome adversity to succeed and which was first exemplified during the War of 1812, then through two world wars, the Korean conflict and Afghanistan.

Sergeant Nielen’s bravery in battle and through his long recovery from horrific wounds demonstrates this fighting spirit big time.

On July 1, 2010 while leading a 12-man patrol in Afghanistan, Sergeant Nielsen was severely wounded by a hidden explosive, losing his left leg, his left elbow and suffering serious wounds to his right arm, and left shoulder. Sergeant Nielsen has had the tenacity to work through an extensive combination of repeated and extensive surgeries and ongoing rehabilitation to rebuild his physical and mental capacities. (Sergeant Nielsen says “If you don’t like what or where you are, get up and do something about it.”)  

We were joined by the Cadets Color Party who led the March and share with us their Flag Presentation. 

We proudly recognized the war veterans in attendance.