Kiwanis Medical Foundation Luncheon Mar 4/11

Dr. Graham Sher, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Blood Services, reiterated the need for healthy individuals to donate blood products.  Founded in 1998 as the successor organization to the Canadian Red Cross Society and Canadian Blood Agency. The new agency's mandate is to: rebuild the blood system in Canada, regain the trust of Canadians in their blood supply, and to create risk management programs aimed at preventing future catastrophes.  Did you know: There is no substitute for human blood, it has short shelf life product and must be used within 5 days (platelets) or 42 days (red cells), they have an aging donor base, and, it takes about an hour or less to make a donation.  Blood transfusions are required for 600,000 recipients a year and there is a 53% lifetime chance of receipt, or you will know someone who has received!!  Remember - the need never stops!  It’s In You to Give!!

President Phil Rossy with guest speaker Dr. Graham Sher, of the Canadian Blood Services





As we continue to  “Build our Future” President Phil was pleased to ask Past President Neil McDonald to introduce our newest member Major Doug Smith from the Salvation Army.   Major Doug is a new Active Chaplain for our club. Welcome Major Doug!

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation was very proud to review the contributions they have made to our community since it was founded in 1981.   Over $1,060,647 has been disbursed to date.


Partners In Caring.   Congratulations to Tom Spence and his son Jeff, who between the two of them, raised $1,217 by selling Senators tickets for our Ottawa Senators Partners In Caring game in February.   Thank you Tom, for the personal efforts that you and your son put into this fundraiser.

Thought for the week:  The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.