Kiwanis Luncheon - Legion of Honour with 1927 Years of Sevice

Wow, what a great luncheon meeting. Past President Alison Hunter did a terrific job introducing our 12 Legion of Honour recipients and their history with Kiwanis.  It was quite a challenge to speak about their 440 years of service to Kiwanis and their community within 20 minutes, and Alison did it with finesse and grace. We were proud to recognize all former Legion of Honour members who have served Kiwanis for a total of 1927 years and who continue to contribute their time and talent to our club today!  Thank you all!

Here is the list of those celebrating their Kiwanis Anniversaries in 2016.

  • Allan Castledine 65 years  - WOW!
  • Barry Weatherdon   60
  • Ross Hadwen  40
  • Tom Spence 40
  • Howard Lithwick 40
  • Wayne Beaudoin 35
  • Peter Charboneau 30
  • Ron Wing  30
  • Uttra Bhargava 25
  • John Callan  25
  • Steven Moore 25
  • Stephen Tanner 25

Dawn Morewood, Co-Chair of our Membership Committee, officially inducted the 7 new members who joined in the past year, leaving them with the message that we welcome their new talent and the fresh ideas they will bring to Kiwanis, which are needed to keep a club of 99 years strong while moving into the future. Dawn is a good ambassador of Kiwanis and her message was a good example for members to follow.  If members have any questions feel free to contact Dawn or Janet Atkinson des Roches, Co-Chairs of the Membership Committee. 

Vince Calzonetti, who just celebrated his 98th birthday in May, was presented with the Rose by President Wayne French. Past President Vince, who has been on many committees since joining in 1968,  continues to support our club actively and is always pleased to hear from the members.