Kiwanis Luncheon - January 18, 2013 - Angus Smith, RCMP (Changed from Dr. Anna Gray-Herschel)

Angus Smith, Officer in Charge, Strategic Assessment, RCMP National Security Criminal Investigations spoke to us on  “Community Engagement / Community Partnerships: Canadians Safeguarding Canadians” 

Rooted in the philosophy of community policing, RCMP outreach and engagement is the primary means by which the RCMP establishes relationships and helps to builds resilience to violent extremist messaging in all of Canada's diverse communities. Outreach and engagement programming helps to ensure that each one of us, whoever we are, wherever we live, is part of the collective effort to keep all Canadians safe and secure.

Mr. Smith identified youth as a group that is particularly vulnerable to the ideological messages of some radicalized groups and told us that the RCMP considers youth and the education, awareness and partnerships with youth (including Boys and Girls clubs) to be a strategic priority.

Mr. Smith has close to 25 years experience as an intelligence analyst across the RCMP and has worked in a variety of areas, including drugs, organized crime and anti-corruption before taking up national security-related duties after 9/11. He has also worked in Eastern Europe and Latin America. His current areas of focus include strategic issues related to the Middle East and South Asia. He has a particular interest in radicalization. 

Special Thank you to Helene Crabb

We are losing a very dedicated Kiwanian in the person of Helene Crabb (temporarily we hope). Helene and John Crabb have decided to move to Stratford, for a year or so.

Helene has been key to our successes in our sponsored youth groups this year. With her help, our Key Clubs are now active at 6 high schools. Helene has also been serving as a zone manager in Bingo deliveries.

In prior years was a valued member of our Interclub, Sports and Social Committee, served on our Youth Priority One Committee, chaired the Program committee for three years, and as a Director responsible for Youth (Circle K and Key Clubs). This weekend is assisting at the Circle K District Convention being held here in Ottawa.

President Alison presented Helene with a dozen roses. After the meeting members joined Helene in Zoeys for one more visit.

Member Spotlight – Jackie Holzman

Wherever you look, you will see Jackie working for her community. In addition to the work that she does in the community, she is a regular volunteer for our Kiwanis TV Bingo. She often works on the phones the night of the TV Bingo and is front-line for the calls from the winners. She joins the other volunteers at our Kiwanis office to sort and stuff the bingo tickets, and she coordinates the ticket delivery with other volunteer members in her area. She attends other local Kiwanis clubs’ meetings and supports many of our projects, including Bed Race, Seniors Luncheon, and more. Thank you Jackie for all that you do for Kiwanis.

Member Spotlight - Guy Bourbonniere

As VP on our Board of Directors, Guy attends all Board and Executive Meetings… and his 100% attendance could easily be for 200% . He attends Key Club meetings and assists with many of their projects, also providing his office for their monthly committee meetings. He is one of the Supervisors at the TV Bingo responsible for lining up the volunteers who work at the Rogers Studio each week. 
 As many of you know, coordinating volunteers can be a full –time job and Guy happily does it, AND includes members of his family. He is always available to move the boxes of tickets for the Kiwanis office, he enjoys ringing the bells for the Salvation Army Kettles, he helped deliver Christmas Food Hampers, and helped with the set up for our Seniors Christmas Luncheon , and served their lunch on Christmas Day. Thank you Guy for all that you do for Kiwanis.