Kiwanis Luncheon - Jan 4, 2013 - Suzanne Jacobson - QuickStart-Early Intervention for Autism


The Accora Village Bed Race is fast approaching, (February 2nd) Jamie Johnson advised that we have 21 teams registered so far, which puts us ahead of last year. Go online to pledge your support to the team of your choice. (Our Board of Directors HeadBoards Team needs support!) All pledges over $10.00 will receive a tax receipt.

Bill Gosewitz reported that our food hamper project delivered 37,000 lbs. of Christmas groceries to over 200 families. Thanks to Costco, and Dell foods and the volunteers who did the early morning heavy lifting and deliveries. Special thanks to Bill Gosewitz who transformed what was once a small project sending out a few hampers to a few needy families into our current project making a difference in the lives of over 200 needy families.

Neil McDonald reported that our Christmas Day seniors’ luncheon served over 120 seniors at the Good Companions Centre. Thanks to our volunteers who assisted.

Today’s meeting date marks Allan Castledine’s 63rd year in our Kiwanis Club. A true gentleman and a Kiwanian’s Kiwanian! Wishing Allan many more years of Kiwanis, and our club many more years of Allan.

Mark Max is back after surgery in time to win today’s Raffle (a Kiwanis gift bag, donated by Dawn Morewood.

Our Guest Speaker

Suzanne Jacobsen is President of QuickStart, an early intervention service to assist children living with Autism. Suzanne stressed how rapidly Autism cases are growing and how critical early intervention is in helping children with Autism to achieve their full potential. No child in all of Ontario currently qualifies for government-funded therapy, while private therapy costs $50-75,000 annually, which has led to families needing to take out mortgages to finance therapy.

Unfortunately, several of our Kiwanis Club families have experienced the heartache that Autism can bring. QuickStart does not require a doctor’s referral, services are available in both French and English, and there are no charges to families for the services. The clinic sees children from 22 months up to age 6.

Special thanks to Tom Beveridge and his unofficial Autism working group (Tom’s wife Kim, Vic and Marilyn Jones, Jackie Holzman, Peter Patafie, Gary Flockman, David Daubney, Ian Peddie, Barb Perrin, Bruno Di Chiara, and Bob and Shirley Garrow) for their research into Autism.