Kiwanis Luncheon - Hélène Campbell - Organ Donation

Helene Campbell is quite a little package of power!  She was a high-energy girl who loved to dance and socialize.  She thought it was asthma that was slowing her down but when her lung function was down to 12% her doctors knew there was more to it.

While waiting for her double-lung transplant at the age of 21 she learned first-hand the need for more organ donors, and has taken on the personal task of increasing awareness.  

She tweeted #BEANORGANDONOR to Justin Bieber to promote the need for organs and ended up speaking on the Ellen Degeneres TV Show.  

She encourages everyone to FILL IN YOUR DONOR CARD. 

You can find out more about Hélène on her Facebook page, or watch some of her YouTube Videos.

Congratulations to those members who received 100% Attendance pins -  David Puff 1 year, Frank Nisi 2, Glen Vaillancourt 5, Janet Atkinson des Roches 9, Steve Tanner 11, Phil Rossy 11, Kanta Marwah 12, Shirley Bradley 25, and Ross Hadwen 39 years!

President’s Rose  - President Wayne French mentioned how difficult it is to give the President’s Rose to one person each week since all members are very worthy, so for his first meeting all 49 Kiwanians in attendance were presented with a Rose.  What a nice touch!

Thought for the week – “Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.   SIGN YOUR DONOR CARD