Kiwanis Luncheon - Donna Leith-Gudbranson, March 7

12:00 – 1:45 p.m. Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Laurier Room

“Canadian National Public Cord Blood Bank for Life”

Donna Leith-Gudbranson and her colleagues will share information with Kiwanis about the Campaign For All Canadians that is so critical to saving lives and reducing the distress of families who can only wait and hope. The “For All Canadians” campaign is underway to raise funds to help build a National Public Cord Blood Bank. Canada is the only G8 country that does not have a national Public Cord Blood Program – we need to change that! Through this 3-year campaign, Canadians will be able to transform stem cell donations in Canada, by creating a new system that will collect and store stem cells from cord blood donations in Canada. Find out how we can all help build Canada’s first national public umbilical cord blood bank and save more lives. Join us for this luncheon and hear firsthand the gut-wrenching and heartfelt personal stories delivered by our special guests.  

Note: Mark Max, as only Mark Max can, will be performing a fun, musical tribute to this initiative