Kiwanis Luncheon - Annual General Meeting

A good Annual General Meeting with 53 members in attendance.  

Thank you to Immediate Past President Wayne French for his review of our 2015-16 Kiwanis fiscal year, and for leading a strong club resulting in a positive year, as he promised at the outset. “Read the report” Wayne requested, to see what goes on at the Committee level. He thanked all the members for their hard work for which he was recently presented with the Lt. Governor’s Distinguished Club Award 2015-16.  

You can review all the details in the Annual Report for 2015-16, which can be found on our private website.

Thank you to Kathleen Holst, our Secretary/Treasurer, for her diligence in keeping the Board apprised of our finances last year, and for her presentation at the AGM Dinner updating the club on our current year-to-date financial position.  Thank you to all members for your support of the Club!

President Stephen updated the Club on the potential new fundraiser – the Golf Ball Drop – which has been deferred to next year based on the Board of Director’s decision.  You will hear more about our relationship with the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club and projects planned for this year