Kiwanis Lunch - Legion of Honour

2018-06-22 12:00 Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

Wow, what a great Legion of Honour luncheon meeting. Past President Gary Flockton did a terrific job introducing our 14 Legion of Honour recipients and their history with Kiwanis.  It was quite a challenge to speak about their 495 combined years of service to Kiwanis and their community in 20 minutes, and Gary did it with clarity and humour. We were proud to recognize all former Legion of Honour members who have served Kiwanis for a total of 2107 years and who continue to contribute their time and talent to our club today!  Thank you for all you have done. 

Janet Atkinson des Roches, Co-Chair of our Membership Committee, assisted with the presentation and welcomed new members who joined in the past year, welcoming the new talent and the fresh ideas they will bring to Kiwanis, which are needed to keep a club of 100 years strong while moving into the future.