Kiwanis International Convention 2000 Report

The following is a report on the proceedings and election results which took place at the Miami Convention June 23-26/ 2000.

Amendments voted on by the delegates:

1. To eliminate a minimum amount that Districts much charge for dues. PASSED

2. To raise the age limit from 25 to 30 for former sponsored programs members who join Kiwanis and do not have to pay International dues for 2 years.. FAILED

3. To provide a process for the election of International Vice-President at the 2000 International Convention. PASSED

4. To change the motto of Kiwanis International to "We Ask -We Build: WITHDRAWN

5. To allow a member to be-long to more than one Kiwanis club simultaneously. PASSED

6. To provide that spouses may choose not to subscribe to Kiwanis magazine. PASSED

7. To increase subscription price of the official publication of Kiwanis International by US $3.50 per annum for a new total of US $10.00 per annum. PASSED

8. To establish a dues discount for spouses who are members of the same Kiwanis Club. FAILED

9. To establish a new interim status. PASSED (Members in transition who have left membership in one club without financial obligation, and anticipate joining a new club, may apply to Kiwanis for "interim status" for a period not to exceed one year. The fee for interim status shall be the amount of annual International dues. )

10. To change the dues billing cycle from semi-annual to annual, effective October 1, 2002. FAILED

11. To change the administrative year of Kiwanis International to begin July 1 and end June 30, effective July 1, 2004. WITHDRAWN.

12. To provide under what conditions and by what process a Kiwanis club may solicit funds within and beyond its normal territorial area. FAILED

13. To provide that Kiwanis International shall not solicit new or reinstated clubs for fundraising purposes for a period of two years. WITHDRAWN

14. To allow members to choose whether or not to subscribe to the official publication of Kiwanis International. FAILED

New Executive Officers in Kiwanis International President - Bo Shafer, Kiwanis Club of Knoxville, Tennessee President-Elect Brian Cunat, Kiwanis Club of McHenry Illinois Vice-President Bob Moore, Kiwanis Club of Venice, Florida Treasurer Ito Torres Jr., Kiwanis Club of Antipolo, Philippines