Kiwanis Duck Race 2000 for Tiny Hearts at CHEO

The Kiwanis Duck Race for Tiny Hearts at CHEO is one of the premiere fundraising events for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario and 2000 marks an evolution in how the sale of tickets will be administered. Race takes place at the Hartwell Locks starting at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 13th.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has embraced the Duck Race as one of its key sponsorship activities. In past years, working with our member-ship and retail partners, we have succeeded in impressive ticket sales, generating over $3,000,000 in funds for the Foundation.

In 1998, Farm Boy made a five-year Platinum Duck Title Sponsorship commitment. 2000 marks the 13th year of the Duck Race. The Ottawa race is the largest of its kind in the world. Our goal for Race 2000 is to sell tickets for 100,000 ducks, and this we can do with YOUR HELP as a Corporate Sponsor!

As a sponsor, your financial commitment is not required up-front, just your company's agreement to be responsible for the number of tickets associated with the package you choose to support. The commitment of your company, your employees and customers will make the Kiwanis Duck Race 2000 for Tiny Hearts at CHEO another resounding success. Depending on how you choose to structure your participation, the sponsorship cost can be completely recovered by reselling the tickets to your customers or to your employees. Pick your own level of participation.

Three sponsorship levels are available, in addition to special component packages. Packages provide sponsoring companies and organizations with the opportunity to participate in Duck Race 2000 and capitalize on the exposure generated by this high profile event. Each has its own level of exposure, based on the investment.

Gold Feather Package - Contribution required: 5,000 tickets; Silver Tail Package - Contribution required: 2,000 tickets; Bronze Bill Package - Contribution required: 1,000 tickets.

Sponsorship packages are available to a limited number of companies for Race 2000. These packages are designed so that they don't place a financial burden on you!

The Duck team is standing by to help you structure your promotions. So get involved to-day and join our duck team as we prepare for spring training! If you need more information or to inquire about getting a package for your company, contact Co-Chair Chris Thompson at 236-0677 or Rob McGruer at 271-6699 Kiwanis Duck Race 2000.