Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and Rogers TV raise funds for Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa Ottawa

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, in partnership with Rogers TV, is proud to announce a donation of $15,000 to help construct a Rogers Raising the Grade Technology Centre within the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa’s McCann Clubhouse on McArthur Avenue. The money was raised through the Kiwanis TV Bingo program.

Raising the Grade offers students access to tools to help them with their education and career path, including computers and high-speed Internet access, and educational software. The Raising the Grade website includes tools that match students with their ideal career based on their interests, and also helps them discover new interests and career possibilities.

At the technology centre, students can discover their interests, shape their careers and plan for their future. They are matched with a mentor or volunteer to help them choose the right high school courses, study and work on homework, and apply to colleges and scholarships. For the past 30 years, Rogers has focused on youth and education as the two pillars of its corporate giving. The company launched the Rogers Youth Fund Initiative last year, partnering with dozens of youth-centred organizations across the country to help Canada’s youth get the most out of their education.

“Our mission with these centers is to ensure our youth know that, with education, anything is possible,” said Colette Watson, vice-president of Rogers TV. “We can tell our kids—all kids—dream big and aim high. Because as Rogers late founder Ted Rogers used to say at the end of every speech, ‘The best is yet to come!’”

The new educational technology centre will be located at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa’s McCann Clubhouse on McArthur Avenue. A second centre already exists at the Police Youth Centre Clubhouse on Prince of Wales Drive.

It is through the various fundraising activities like Kiwanis TV Bingo and its strategic community partnership with Rogers TV that helps the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa support worthwhile organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Direct Assistance Committee coordinates the review and approval of various funding requests from assigned community groups or eligible individuals. Projects and organizations are assigned funding based on criteria that are consistent with the Kiwanis mandate of helping to build a better community.

Kiwanis TV Bingo airs every Monday night on Rogers Cable, channel 22. Game cards can be purchased at Mac’s convenience stores across Ottawa for $3.00. The proceeds help fund Kiwanis programs, which include programs for youth and seniors. For more information, please visit