I saw Coach Quackie Kissing Santa Claus on Bank Street

The 'Help Santa Toy Parade' is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Every year, the Fire Fighters' Association has been organizing the event and collecting toys and money along the parade route for distribution to the less fortunate children in Ottawa-Carleton. They also host numerous fundraising events, have long been a supporter of our Club, and help us sell thousands of Duck Race tickets every year.

This year, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has been invited to participate in the parade by sending our mascot Coach Quackie. Well, we took it one step further and organized a Kiwanis float! This year, for the first time ever, a Kiwanis float will be part of the parade. Joining our now famous Duck Bus will be a marching 211 Air Cadet squadron; Coach Quackie and the CHEO bear; nine ducklings who have been practicing their smiles and waving; and Marie Soleil and Dominic D'Arcy for song and entertainment. Kids – both young and old – will surely enjoy this float.

Our participation represents a great opportunity to make the Kiwanis Clubs of Ottawa-Carleton more visible to the public. The parade has evolved into a significant event, drawing tens-of-thousands of people who line the Parade route and share their generosity. Participants are entertained to the sights and sounds of local and province-wide floats, bands, and clowns. It is important to participate in this parade for many reasons. Most obvious is because of the children - Young children priority one. We often get engrossed in fundraising activities and tend to forget the light-hearted side of our community presence.

The Kiwanis Duck Bus float is a means of garnering recognition in non-obvious ways. It symbolizes the fellowship, partnerships, commitment, volunteer, and the fun aspects of Kiwanis. It may even inspire people to join our wonderful club.

So come out and cheer on the Duck Bus Float and Kiwanis. And who knows, maybe Coach Quackie and his team of ducklings will convince Santa to give his sleigh team a makeover. Rudolf the Reindeer watch out – Daphne the Duckling is waiting in the wings!!

Date & Time: Saturday, November 20, 1999, 11:00 a.m. Route: Starts at Elgin and Laurier Streets, continues west on Laurier to Bank Street, then turns south on Bank to Lansdowne Park.

Derek “Lucky Ducky” Finley The Godfather of the Duck Race