Great Software for a Great Cause! - International Order Form

You can order the award-winning Corel WordPerfect Suite7 or Corel WordPerfect 8 upgrade as specially negotiated by Kiwanis. For each copy sold, the Corel Corporation will donate $25 ($US) to Iodine Deficiency Disorders through Kiwanis.

By helping to solve the IDD scourge, you will be helping to prevent mental retardation of newborns, improving I.Q. of those affected by up to 15 points, and stunted physical growth in the 1.6 billion people worldwide who are at risk. Less than one teaspoon of iodine per lifetime solves this scourge.

Kiwanis International and its 8500 clubs worldwide are committed to raise $75 million ($US) by year 2000 to eliminate this problem. In addition, your Kiwanis Club will be able to proceeds for local projects when you specify your local Club's ID number when ordering.

So, while you upgrade the quality of your software -- you're also helping others.

Thank you for your support.

Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 or Suite Upgrade For Windows 95 and Windows NT, CD-ROM _______Suite 7 @ $90* ($US) each = $ _______Suite 8 @ $145* ($US) each = $ Add: Shipping & handling $ (888-256-6433 to obtain shipping & handling costs) Total Cost ($US) $

Select your method of payment (please print all information): Option A: Money Order enclosed (must be for full amount) made payable to: KCO Business Trust. Option B: Charge my Visa or MasterCard account. Card is in the name of: Account Number: Expiry Date: .

You can order any of the following ways: Contact your local Kiwanis Club, they can order for you. Telephone 1-888-4COREL7 (1-888-426-7357 toll-free in North America). Call this number for inquiries, orders, and to obtain shipping and handling charges.

Fax this order to: 1-613-228-9078. Mail this form with payment (money order) to: KCO Business Trust 63 Sparks Street, Suite 601, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5A6, Canada. E-Mail your request

Shipping Information Name: Title: Address: City: State/Province: Country: Zip/Postal Code : Telephone: ( ) Fax:( ) E-mail: Local Kiwanis Club: Allow 1 week for delivery. Prices subject to change without notice.

Registered users will be fully supported by Corel. Return policy: No returns on opened boxes. 30% restocking fee-- applicable returns within 10 days. See our web site for more information: