Funding the Torch Campaign

The Club approved getting involved with Passing the Torch initiative May 31, 2002. The Club provided an initial donation of $10,000 to the Passing the Torch campaign and pledged a further contribution of up to $40,000 which is to be raised over the next three years through activities organized by the Kiwanis Passing the Torch Campaign Committee.

The Committee includes: Allan Castledine (Chair), Frank Cauley, Ross Christensen (Vice-Chair), Aubrey de Young, Donna Drummond, Jack Gordon, Bryan Healey, Ed Healey, Matt McGrath, Buck Madden, Ken Miller (Vice-Chair), Art Moody, Paul Nemeth, Ted Parsons, Bob Vergette, Kent Wilkinson, Doug Wilson. Ex Officio Members include: Jim Anderson, Stan Greenwood, Jackie Holzman, George Perrin, Lorne Smith.

The SAGE Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is also committed to supporting this initiative