Fund Raising Plans from Vice-President Guy Bourbonniere

I am very excited to lead this committee for our 06-07 Kiwanis year. We have a team of very strong leaders on each of our fundraising committees. It will be energizing to work with them, listening to their different viewpoints and put strong plans in meaningful action.

Bed Race Will be led by Alison Poirier and Gary Flockton as co-chairs. This initiative is unique in that it culminates in a very fun day in February where our membership can get together, whether you have been on the committee or not, and spend an enjoyable day together with other Kiwanians, family, and friends of Kiwanis. I am confident that this committee will continue to surpass its financial goals. It is my hope that we also get our sponsored youth more involved in terms of raising funds by earlier involvement and participation.

Bon Appetit We are still looking for a leader of this committee. I would appreciate it if any of you could contact me asap to take on this role. I can promise you that we will get you all the support that you need.

Charity Golf Tournament Will be led by Patrick McGarry. Patrick is very committed to the tradition of having this fundraiser as one of our most successful. This is another event that allows for a very fun culmination of hard work and effort each August for Kiwanians and friends of Kiwanis.

Helping Hands Will be led by Paul Drouin. This committee was able to raise in excess of $40k last year. We believe that we can do even better next year by dividing the focus into 2 – Corporate Helping Hands and Personal Helping Hands. Paul is a relatively new member but is very eager to have a successful committee. Whether you can help the committee by hands on effort or by brainstorming and offering guidance, please consider giving Paul a call. I appeal to all of you for this, but I am thinking more about Past Presidents and Senior members as great assets for helping the committee. (cont’d on page 4)

Partners in Caring Will be led again by Clive Woolley. All fundraisers led by Clive are successful. If you want to experience mentorship in effective deployment of a committee, please get involved on this committee. This initiative also allows for very good exposure for our club.

Project Development Will be led by Ken Nelson again. I haven’t had a chance to speak much with Ken about his plans, but from his results of the past few years, I look forward to getting impressed. Our long term goal is to have over 20% of our required funding provided by grants, and Ken will get us there in a long term sustainable way. If you have skills with this please contact Ken or me.

In closing, I would like to disclose that the last thing I was looking for when I joined our club 10 years ago, was to be a fundraiser. My goals were to have the opportunity to perform community service, which is where I have spent most of my Kiwanis hours. However, I understand that without funds, a very large proportion of service projects would not be realized.

President Neil asked me to take on the leadership of Fundraising. Along with the committee chairs above, we will be working very hard at trying to develop long term, sustainable fundraisers that have high net revenue output, with very low expenses while minimizing effectively the hours required by our membership. We want to satisfy the needs of our membership and of our donors/sponsors.

Our Fundraiser Strategic Plan is available to any of you. Please let me know if you would like a copy or would like to review it with me. I would really appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions, suggestions or comments.

You can e-mail me anytime at , or call my cell at 613-355-7798.

Guy Bourbonniere Vice-President Fundraising