From the Guards Cadet Desk - Major Robert Barrette, CD

Guards beaten by Guards @ the Provincials
On the weekend of the 7-9 May, The Guards cadets worked extremely hard at the Army Cadet Challenge Provincial Competition in Peterborough, our team excelled in shooting, land navigation and first aid, our team placed second in the Provincials, one point behind the first place team, which were the Horse Guards from Toronto, CWO She-Ming Lau-Chapdelaine, who was the team captain, was upset with the results, stating that the battle lines are now set for next years competition, vowing to upset the current winners by at least one point to take the top spot, up the Guards!
38th Annual Inspection largest in Years
On Wednesday, the 2nd of June, 127 Guards cadets paraded for L-Colonel Commanding N. Curcumelli-Rodostamo, CD, and the cadets were in fine form in front of City Hall. Hundreds of parents of guest were there to observe the most important date in the cadet calendar which is Annual Inspection.
This major parade is a culmination of skills and achievements that the Corps has learned and is able to display, by drilling, playing music and putting on special demonstrations. Many special guests were present during this parade, The President of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, Mr. Derek Findlay, and the Cadet Executives, President and Executive officers from the Strathcona, Montgomery, Eastview, and Kanata Legions, Mr. J. Pelisek League Representative including guests officers, Major Sainsbury from Connaught Ranges. There were numerous gifts and awards handed out to all cadets including the Guardsman Award, CWO SM Lau-Chapdelaine which was presented by Major Harold Blackman.
The LCC, praised the Cadet Corps for their excellent turnout, stating how proud he was of Cadets and their achievements, and reminded them of the fact that they were part of the Guards family, the LCC did authorize and presented his commendations to the following special guests, Mr. Terry Whitty, Major Lloyd Sainsbury, Captains Meagan McGrath, Chris DeMerchant, Lt Peter Van Der Zander for their outstanding service to the Guards.
Major Barrette issued two sets of “Service (Dog-tags) name tags” and a plaque to, honorary Guards Cadet No1: Major Harold Blackman, CD, and honorary Guards Cadet No2: Major Guy Fortier, CD.
On the weekend of 4-6 & 11-13 June, approx 45 Guards Cadets showed that they are not only good cadets but good Canadians; they participated in the largest concentration of Cadets in Ontario who participated in the building and landscaping of the new St Joseph’s senior citizens residence located on the Sir Samuel Fleming College property. Cadet over several weekends, moved earth, rocks, landscaped, erected gazebos, built trails, planted trees and flowers for approx 600 meters along the exterior of the property, Guards cadets in the last two weekends did an amazing job, raising two gazebos, completing a post and railings along a path and planting hundreds of trees and shrubs. On the last day of the last weekend Guards also participated in the final parade which saw the Mayor of Peterborough, the RCO Col Aikens and numerous officials at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Over 900 cadets participated in the several weekends, and our cadets did us proud.
Year End Trip a Blast
On Sunday, 27th of June, over 65 cadets participated in a one day trip to Point Calumet, Quebec, water park, the cadets arrived around 10 am and it was a cool day, however, this did not deter our Guards Cadets who 
Were determined to have one very exiting and wet day. Thanks again to the Parents committee who funded the entire day’s trip and all Guards Cadets arrived home tired, hungry and ready for a nap.
Summer Camp Report 2004
Guards again were very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to load so many cadets into a wide variety of courses. Seventy Six, cadets were loaded in courses ranging from 2 week to 6 week courses, including Exchanges, Guards were able to send the following cadets to the following exchanges, CWO She-Ming Lau-Chapdelaine, National Parachutist course, Trenton, MWO Shannon Potvin, Scuba Diving course in Hollywood, Florida, MWO Richard Law, Maple Leaf Exchange in England, C/Sgt Michelle Guertin, Outward Bounds Scotland,C/Sgt Joshua Hyland, Outward Bounds Wales,C/Sgt Azeem Khan, Rocky Mountain Banff, Sgt Faheem Khan, & Sgt N. Pellerin, Rocky Mountain Banff, Sgt Spenser Callan, National Rifle Team –Bisley, England, considering all these cadets come from one Corps, this is fantastic, good luck everyone.
Footnotes & Upcoming Events 2004
Wednesday September 8th, until 30 October, Guards cadets will 
Begin their recruiting campaign. 
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