From the Guards Cadet Desk - Major Robert Barrette, CD


On Sunday, the 12th of December, Major Barrette and approx a half-dozen cadets participated in The Regimental Choral Service at St Bartholomew’s Church. Colour Sergeant Michelle Guertin read this year’s cadets section from the bible in French, all the cadets enjoyed the service including the reception that followed.

INTER-PLATOON TURKEY SHOOT @ CARTIER SQUARE On Monday, the 13th of December, all 5 platoons who had qualified in the prior Monday night shoots were eligible for this one night turkey shoot-out. Approx, 63 cadets and staff set-up 10 lanes of fire and continuous relays were run from 1830 to 2100 hrs. Results were amazing to say the least, the established categories were, best junior and senior shots, best pairs and individual scores per platoon and age. The parents committee through Ms. Cross and our committed parents were able to secure over 50 gifts for the participants including 17 turkeys and hams. Many of the Corps seniors shot well & were able to walk home with either a frozen turkey or ham. MWO Law and Cpl J. Taylor were the Corps top senior /junior shots.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, Mr. Mike St Louis, assisted in the judging of the targets and the presentation of gifts to the deserving cadets. Nearly everyone went home with something.


On the 15th of December, the Guards Cadets hosted its annual holiday parade at Cartier Square. L-Col Johnson CO of Connaught Ranges and his wife were asked to review this year’s parade. The Cadet Corps paraded 105 cadets, visiting dignitaries included members of the Guards Foundation, Major Harold Blackman, Mr. Terry Whitty and Major and Mrs. Sainsbury from the Cadet Camp at Connaught Ranges, executive officers from the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa our sponsor were also in attendance.

L-Col Johnson was able to present the first edition of the newly minted 5 year cadet service medals to many special guests who attended this parade. L-Colonel Johnson, who will be retiring next April, stated that the Cadet Corps had made a strong showing on this evening and that he has always been supportive of the cadet program and its goals. During the cadet reception afterwards, both L-Colonel & Mrs. Johnson got to meet and speak with many parents about the Cadet Corps and the impact it has had on their sons and daughters. A cocktail reception followed in the Sergeant’s Mess after parade.


Even with the little amount of snow in the Ottawa Area, the Guards Cadets pulled off amazing results at the 21-23 January 2005 at the Crean Hill Biathlon complex in Sudbury. Both the male and female teams placed 1st winning Gold, Female Relay Team: MWO Guertin M. MCpl Guertin C. MWO Potvin S. Male Relay Team: Cpl J. Taylor, Sgt Lau-Chapdelaine SY, Sgt Miller K. Female Individuals: Gold jr; MCpl Guertin C. Gold sr; MWO Potvin, Silver sr; Guertin M, Male Individuals: Gold jr; Cdt N. Taylor, Gold sr; Sgt Miller K, Silver sr: Sgt Lau-Chapdelaine. Excellent work by the Biathlon Team, this is the 4th year in a row for being top team.

Special thanks to Capt Boudreau and CI Christopher Miller for being the driving force behind the team. The Results from the Provincials. (18-20 Feb) CHANGE OF COMMAND FOR CADET RSM On the 26th of January during the CO’s monthly parade, CWO She-Ming Lau-Chapdelaine, who has demonstrated over the last five years to be one of best young leaders and highly achieving senior cadet turned over command to MWO Shannon Potvin. CWO Lau-Chapdelaine, during his tenure as RSM has been a role model for all the cadets in the Corps, he is known in the Eastern Ontario area as a person with high ideals and integrity. He has personally been awarded 5 medals which are; The ANAVET medal, The Royal Canadian Legion of Excellence medal, The Lord Strathcona medal, The Major Gen Howard medal and the new five year service medal from The Army Cadet League. (He is the first Cadet in this Corps and to my knowledge any Corps to have this amount of medals) This senior cadet excelled in the US exchange in Colorado, the Korean Expedition in 2004, and was one of the top Parachutists on his 6 week course.

She-Ming is currently ½ way through his first year at the Ottawa University, Engineering being his major and stated that he would like to join the Regiment for the summer of 2005. As Commanding Officer he deserves to be recognized for his past performance which means the Regiment will reap his future potential.


I am please to report that this year our team placed 2nd having won the prior zone shoots 3 years in a row. On Sunday, Feb 13th 2005, The Guards rifle team shot hard and rallied a team score of 1436 out of 1600 points. (Last year they shot 1414 points to win first place) The first place team was 2332 Service Battalion cadets shot a score 1456 points; they have been our nemesis for the last couple years. This has however, placed the Guards Team in second place which means we will be off to the Provincials in the spring. Our Rifle Teams strategy is now to win at the Provincials. Inter-Provincial Exchange to Shawinigan, Quebec.

On the weekend of the 10-13 February, 2784 GGFG Guards cadets participated in the Inter-Provincial Exchange between 694 Army Cadet Corps and the Guards. Forty four Guards Cadets and 4 staff/personnel left Ottawa for this very cold weekend. Capt Trachy our band officer was the OPI, OCdt Bilodeau was the finance officer and Sgt Roos from the Regiment was the watchful senior NCO. The Cadets arrived late Thursday night and slept in the new Armouries in Shawinigan. Most of the activities were organized for outside. During the weekend cadets got to climb along the glaciers in St Raymond, snowshoe, and watch a local hockey competition, this included a trip to Quebec City and the museum of Civilization, also getting a look at the Citadel.

On Sunday the cadets got to see the “Cite de L’Energie”, then do some ice tubing, also they got to eat supper in an old fashioned maple sugar farm. The cadets arrived home late Sunday night tired and well feed. The Guards cadets presented plaque of appreciation to Capt Lebrun and to the Army Cadets of 694 Army Cadet Corps in Shawinigan, Quebec for having a great time. {See attached file}

Footnotes & Upcoming Events 2005

3-6 March Hosting Inter-Provincial Exchange with St Marc de Carriere Army Cadets

18-20 March Guards Winter Survival Training Weekend @ Larose Forest.

Sun 7th 10-1500 hrs Platoon Drill & Sports competition @ Cartier Square. 11-13 March Senior Cadet Adventure Weekend @ Bark Lake.

16 March Guards Cadets will be swimming at the Canadian Police Pool St Laurent.

29 April EOA Army Cadet Challenge Competition - CFB Petawawa.