Family Christmas Party

It was a wonderful party and everybody was happy to be there. A total of 138 attendees including 49 children (10 under 3) shared in the entertainment provided by Dominic D’Arcy and the Rising Stars. The children danced and filled the stage to join Dominic and sing Christmas carols, and then the big guy entered the room! Santa always ‘takes the stage’ with the children and some great photos[] were taken by Jamie Johnson and Kanta Marwah.

This year a face painter joined us and she had a line-up going non-stop - a great addition to the party. Thank you very much to Dominic who is always great with the children and ensures they have a good time. Thank you to our sponsored Key Club students who helped with the event and the children - it’s great that you can join us. The Tunis Shrine Clowns keep the action going, and the children entertained.

A great Big Thank You to Gary Flockton who coordinated the logistics and to Grant Yusak, The Party Man, who provided the loot bags for Santa to hand out. The Fairmont Chateau Laurier also deserves recognition for always providing a great meal, and taking care of all of our personal requests. “What a Fantastic Party!” said one of our newer members. Be sure to join us next year!!


Congratulations to the winners of the raffle prizes – 3 Gingerbread Houses to build yourself, donated by Rita Harper, and 2 balloon Santas, and a big hat, donated by Ken Bickley and the Tunis Shrine Clowns. Thank you all for contributing, $70 was raised for our General Account.