Fact Sheet on the Kiwanis Medical Foundation

The Kiwanis Medical foundation was formed in 1980 with a initial donation from Dr. Lorne MacLachlan an Ottawa dentist and the Medical Founation has donated almost $900,000 since that time.

Here are the basic facts

The objective of the Foundation is to advance medical research and treatment in Ottawa by providing funding to individual or organizations with similar objectives.</li><li>The capital base of the Foundation is at approximately $720,000.

In 2002, the Foundation funded $40,000 over 6 different projects in the Ottawa area including support for CHEO, the Ottawa Heart Institute, the Salvation Army Grace Long Term facility and the Royal Ottawa Hospital.

KMF grants typically run in the $5 to 10,000 range.

Proposals which are welcome, are reviewed by 9 volunteer trustees who are members of the KCO.

One of the first grant recipients was a young Ottawa psychologist and researcher, Patrick J. McGrath, who last year was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in recognition of his international leadership in the development of pain control strategies for children and newborns.

Recent beneficiaries

Dr Gail Graham of CHEO for her pioneering work on the little-known disease called Hemochromatosis, an iron overload condition that if not treated promptly will lead to death

The Ottawa Cancer Centre for innovative treatment of prostate cancer through braccytherapy.

Seed money to the Ottawa Hospital to establish a research project on bioengineered articular cartilage.

The Ottawa Heart Institute Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre for the launch of a research program in stress management of cardiac patients.