By Earl Crowe at the Kiwanis Luncheon Friday, June 9, 2000

"President John and Fellow Kiwanians:

This week a great Kiwanian left us.

A distinguished President in 1955 with a personality & wit that enhanced many meetings for over 50 years. His Music scripts and performances were legendary - whether to about 20 seniors enjoying the late John Harcourt Senior's hospitality at his senior's residence as Mark, Sol, Kevin James and I gave a holiday performance or to over 1000 in Madison Square Gardens for a full evening show saluting the Kiwanis International Convention - they were all great.

I first met Sol when I managed Henry Morgan's on Sparks Street - I was to enjoy coffee with some Rideau Street merchants - Lloyd Vineberg, Sam Caplan, Sol. We talked business - told jokes and for a 27 year old, I learned much about business which I carried up to the Mall.

I followed young David Morgan into Kiwanis as he felt being a Kiwanian would be a great asset for me. Well, it happened and my introduction saw me at the Head Table - Sol was leading a sing song and soon the microphone was at my mouth. That was the beginning of a long history of Sol telling me what to do - sing like he was playing his violin.

For thousands of skits - tributes -pantomines, big and small. What warm memories flood my heart - watching his adoring Lil - seeing Leonard, Mark and Ann grow up in Kiwanis. He set a remarkable standard which Maurice, Myrna, Ross, Shirley, Dominic and all the Music Committee carries on his tradition - of the club that sings and serves. We will all miss you Sol!"