EC&C District Convention 2002 Update

"Ottawa, it's a Capital Idea." We hope that this slogan will motivate hundreds of Kiwanians and guests to come to Ottawa on the Civic Holiday weekend of August 1 - 3, 2002. Those are the dates of the Kiwanis Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District Convention.

It is being hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and will certainly be the highlight of President-Elect Richard Munro's year. The convention is actually preceded by the Lt. Governors' training session for the two days prior to the actual convention which really starts on the Thursday evening, ending at noon on Sunday. We are working towards attracting as many as 1,000 people to this convention on the holiday weekend. It is being held in our Nations' Capital and will be fun.

Under the leadership of Wayne French, our club put forth an application to host this convention almost 5 years ago. Although August 2002 seems a long way away, from a convention planning point of view it's just around the corner. Although the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is the host club, and all the convention committees are headed by our own members, we are going to need many volunteers from the other clubs in the National Capital Area as well as from our own club. In London, ON, where the convention was held last year, they had 400 volunteers! We will need at least that.

Like any convention, there will be a combination of business and fun. The business portion is the responsibility of the Governor and Governor-Elect. The fun is the responsibility of the host club. There are many ideas being floated around but no decisions have been made.

If you have an idea of what to do with 700-900 people on a Friday night, the committee would like to hear from you. The Saturday evening is basically planned but not finalized. The committee hopes that local Kiwanians plan to attend the convention and those that don't will consider joining us at the fun events.

The sub committees and their chairs are found below. So pick your committee and call the chairperson and volunteer. Regards, Wayne Beaudoin Convention Co-Chair Program - Mike Lundy Promotions & Printing - Steven Weeks & Eric DeCou Entertainment - Stephen Tanner Treasurer - Sandra Lee Protocol - Robert Houle Guest Activities - Lorne and Betty Usher Children's Activities - Ian & Lorraine Hendry Webmaster - Jamie Johnson Facilities - Anne Healey Project Manager - Kate McLeod Transportation - Ken Birch