Donate to UNICEF Haiti Relief

With great sadness we have learned of the terrible tragedy that has befallen Haiti. The loss of human life is staggering. The suffering that will continue is beyond comprehension.

Haiti is a member of our Kiwanis family with an active Kiwanis club (the Kiwanis Club of Jérémie) under the leadership of President David Latour.

You can help

Both our Kiwanis Foundation of Canada and our Kiwanis International Foundation have committed matching money donated by our members.

In order to make sure that our donations go to where they are most needed, we have partnered with UNICEF Canada. UNICEF already has field workers in Haiti providing aid.

We have set up a special Kiwanis web page, with UNICEF, that will allow us to track our Kiwanis donations and provide the necessary reports to our Foundations and to our Board of Trustees. By clicking on this link you will be directed to our special site.

Kiwanians live to serve the children of the world. Our children are crying out for our help. Please click on our special donation link and pledge your support.

Please Take Note that at this point in time there is not a Kiwanis logo on the special page that UNICEF has created for us. Although the page looks the same as their "public" donation form, all of the necessary Kiwanis tracking information is automatically added when you use it to make your donation.

On behalf of the children of Haiti, thank you for your donation.