Distinguished Service Award presented to Shirley Tomblin

The Legion of Honour is given in recognition of length of service to the organization and the community, commencing at 25 years and recognized every five years thereafter. We will be expressing our appreciation shortly to a fine group of Kiwanians.

“Service” can come in several forms and from different sources. For example, we have faithful sponsors who year after year support our programs, buy our tickets, champion our causes. We have many spouses and families who share a Kiwanian with us for many years, and in that way, contribute to the enviable record of this club and Kiwanis International. In a moment we will recognize one such wonderful man and thank his family.

I have been asked to make a special presentation today to someone who will not qualify for the Legion of Honour’s traditional 25-years of service until the year 2015. We are doing this in 2002 because this person has indeed given over 25 years of service to this club, Kiwanis International and the community. In fact, if we counted the actual hours of involvement, and divided by the average time devoted by a Kiwanian, we would likely find that we should be recognizing 50 years of service!

This person began serving with us on January 1st, 1974, but only became a Kiwanis member 12 years ago. Of course most of you will recognize that I am speaking of our beloved Shirley Tomlin. Time does not allow for a summary of her combined years of service as our Administrative Secretary and as a member. Virtually all in this club are keenly aware of that history which continues to today and will surely go forward in the years ahead. Shirley, the Board of Directors of your club felt that to wait until 2015 would be a big mistake to recognize your record of long service. It is not that they do not expect you to be available in 2015, I think most were concerned that they might not be around in 13 more years to make this happen! It is, I think, not just a coincidence that Kiwanis was born in Detroit, and our Shirley was too!

I am very pleased to present to you the Kiwanis Distinguished Service Award in recognition of your many years of service to our club, our community, and Kiwanis International.

Presented by: Keith McGruer Past District Governor Eastern Canada & Carribean District