David Daubney presented the 2011 International Prize for Restorative Justice

David Daubney, Past President of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, has been awarded the 2011 International Prize for Restorative Justice in recognition of the public policy leadership he has provided in support of restorative justice. 

"For restorative justice to become the normal way of responding to crime, we need more than programs," said Daniel Van Ness, executive director of PFI's Centre for Justice and Reconciliation. "We also need public policy that reflects restorative principles and values so that the justice system itself becomes more restorative. With this award we recognize a man who as a legislator and an official in his country's justice ministry has helped shape restorative justice public policy in his nation and the world." 

Daubney’s interest in restorative justice began twenty five years ago when he was a Member of Parliament. He had become concerned about the growing public frustration with criminal justice reflected in increasing demands for the death penalty. During his year as Club President David arranged for a number of speakers on the subject to address the weekly luncheons.

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