Congratulations to Shirley Bradley! Trustee for Region "C"

I am pleased to announce that we had a successful election for Trustee for Region "C" Kiwanis EC&C.  Region "C" is comprised of a total of 35 clubs, 26 clubs participated in and submitted ballots for election of Trustee, therefore a quorum was met.

The successful candidate for Trustee is Shirley Bradley of Bytown Club, Division 12 Golden Triangle. I thank everyone for the effort and time in bringing this election to a successful conclusion.

A special thank you for the help and support of Lead Lieutenant Governor Germaine Barr of Division 13, and a very special thank you to Sharron Scullion for taking on the role of third person independent receiving and tabulating votes. Thank You.... PLG Paul

Paul Bowers, Returning Officer Region "C",   Past Lieutenant-Governor, EC&C Division 11, 2009-2010


I can't thank the ones who supported me in this election enough.  I am honoured and consider it a privilege to serve in the role of Trustee in 2011-2012 and I shall do my best to work with the other Trustees and Governor Janet during  that year and to help to maintain the high standards of the clubs in Divisions 1,2,11, 12 and 13.  It will be my pleasure to serve and to represent these divisions during the year of my tenure.   Thank you for placing your trust in me.  I shall do my best to be worthy of it.

Sincerely yours in Kiwanis Service,   Shirley Bradley


Congratulatons to Shirley on her successful bid as Trustee.

This is the first E. C. & C. Board of Regional Trustees. Elections are divided into one and two year terms to provide continuity on future boards. Therefore, next year our Trustee election will take place again and will be held every two years in our Region C.

Many thanks to all of you for helping to make this election successful.

Janet Atkinson, EC&C District Governor-Elect 2010-11


Congratulations to Shirley Bradley on her election as Trustee!

Thank you to both Glenn and Shirley for stepping forward and courageously agreeing to take on this responsibility.   Thanks to Germaine for her help in the co-ordination of this election.

Bill Gosewitz, Lt. Governor Div 12 2010-11


Hi Everyone / Bonjour,

Please join me in wishing all the best to Trustee-elect Shirley Bradley in the Kiwanis year ahead.    2011-2012 will witness the beginning of the regional form of goverance in our EC&C District and as such the actions taken and decisions made by the Governor and Regional Trustees at the District Board of Trustees will set the stage for many years to come.   I know Shirley is up to the task and will represent Region C admirably. May I take this opportunity to thank all those delegates and clubs who supported me and a specil thanks to President Al Corace of my own club for nominating me and to President Joyce Moore of the KC of Pembroke for seconding my nomination.

Thank you / merci, Glenn

PLG Glenn Pushman 
Kiwanis Club of Manotick, Division 13 - Ottawa Valley 
District EC&C, Kiwanis International , Ottawa, ON, Canada   613-737-3069