Closing Parade Update

Thank you to those that participated in the Swim Competition over the weekend. Unfortunately, the official results have not yet been posted but word has it that everything went well.

Tonight was the last night to hand in the sign-up sheets for summer Quota Camps. These camps include Basic, Introduction to Instruction, Intro to Leadership, Intro to Aviation, Intro to Survival, Intro to Aerospace, Survival Instructor (and possibly something else that I've forgotten!). This information will help the Squadron Staff determine how many positions of each camp to request from Montreal.

Round the Pole Optional starts this Saturday at Hangar 11, Uplands. It will run from 12:30 to 3:30 and it sounds like a lot of fun! There will be gliders as well as a couple of remote control planes to check out. (I have a feeling there might be some dads out there that just might like to arrive early to pick up their cadets - just to check things out!)

Band and Drill Practices: If you joined Band and/or Drill, you need to come out to the practices! A team is not a team if it doesn't have enough members. For example, teams wanting to participate in the upcoming Drill competition need to have 15 members, or the team won't be able to compete.

For those wanting to try for a Band Level, you need to be practicing! Band Levels will be taking place 25 March. Around the same time is a Marching Band Competition.

A reminder for Wednesday night late arrivals: you need to find Ms. Matta (either in the cafeteria or upstairs) to sign in! Don't forget that in order to qualify for the La Ronde trip planned for June, 90% attendance between now and Annual (4 June) is needed! If you're there but not signed in, that's just as good as not being there! Find Ms. Matta!!

Capt O'Reilly was looking for all those that did not have PT gear (like shorts, running shoes, T-shirt). If you do not have PT gear and were not there tonight, I would recommend you find Capt O'Reilly next week and let him know you need some.

There was an In-House Drill Competition tonight with Level 2's calling the commands. (Quite interesting to watch!) 3rd place: Flight 2 2nd place: Flight 1 1st place: Band - Congratulations!

Reminders: Level 4's must have their Ops Orders ready for next week (in rough draft).

Since we missed one training night at the beginning of January because we weren't able to have the school, there will not be a Sports Night next week. Sorry!

Thank you to Jaquie for taking the notes while I was away.