Closing Parade Update

Biathlon – At the Regional Patrol Race the 211 male team (WO 1c Mason, Sgt. Mabaleka, Cdt Morris) won first place. Well done and congratulations. Other members of the 211 team took place in other events and placed 2nd. There were 4 full teams with 2 spares. Great turn out. There is NO Biathlon this Saturday, next one should be 17th. Keep you posted.

For our CO’s parade we had a Guest of Honour inspect our squadron. Mr. Wilson is the Principal from Nepean High School. It was a pleasure having you with us. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come out and see what we have been up to.

Monday December 12, 2005 is the squadron’s parade night, which will be held at the Connaught Range for the joint Christmas Dinner with the GGFG’s. All registrations have been taken. For those parents that are attending and not sure how to get there here are some directions for you. The Mess Facilities are located at #4 Snider Road in the middle of the Base, just off Malabar Road ( the only paved road on the Base) and beside the Rappel Tower. For a MapQuest search, type in the address of 35 Shirley Boulevard, Nepean Ontario, K2K 2W6. This will give you a map to the old Connaught Mess Hall; the New Mess Facilities at #4 Snider are just behind the Old Mess and across it’s parking lot. It has the Airplane, M-113 APC and Propeller in front of it. Rifle Road is the current name of the road off of Carling Avenue in to Shirley’s Bay and Shirley Boulevard.

Wednesday December 14, 2005 there will be no regular cadets, it will be Flying Scholarship.

Promotions were given out tonight and they are as follows:

To Corporal LAC Hall To Sergeant Cpl Webster To Sergeant Cpl Chantigny To Flight Sgt Sgt Simpson To Flight Sgt Sgt Neault To Flight Sgt Sgt Chaaraoui To WO 2c Flight Sgt MacKinnon

Congratulations to all of the participants.