Circle K Luncheon

A well-organized and professional Circle K meeting was hosted by the uOttawa Circle K Club, and included club reports from both uOttawa and Carleton.

Thank you to Kiarash Rokui and all the students for their presentation and for their continued support of Kiwanis.

Their guest speaker, Alex Munter, reiterated that the youth agencies like Youth Services Bureau, Big Sisters and Big Brothers, Ym-Ywca, and Boys and Girls Clubs, all work together to ensure their services make an impact on today’s youth. Three p.m. to six o’clock p.m is high risk time for youth and many are street-involved youth.

Mental health challenges among youth is a reality in every school with 1-5 students faced with anxiety and/or depression, most won’t get the help they need. Many other issues are connected to these disorders as well as addictions.

We can Do A Better Job and alter the course of their future by focusing on these mental health issues and getting them the help they need – increase the hours for drop-in centres; increase resources to parents; reduce waiting time to see a counselor to 1 month from 6 currently; and increase hours for health clinics, and More.

In answer to the question, “are the youth really our future?” he answered, “Yes, but only with your help”.