Christmas Luncheon for Seniors

On Monday, December 22, the following helped to set up the halls for our annual Christmas luncheon for Seniors at the Alex Dayton Seniors Activity Centre: Bruce Brooks Eric Cosgrove Don Blakslee Wayne French David Kardish Sandra Presley Geoff Godding Bob Fisher & Bob Horlick plus 5 key clubbers.

On Thursday December 25th Santa & his many helpers arrived to entertain, wine & dine 130 Seniors. The Seniors enjoyed every minute of the festivities and were very grateful as we handed them door prizes and loot bags on their way out. (Thanks to Don Blakslee, Doug Wilson & Joni Swedlove ).

Thanks to the following Kiwanians and their friends and family members & to the key clubbers: Sandra Presley David Kardish Doug Wilson Ken Miller (a.k.a. SANTA) Dominic Darcy (Mr. Music Man) Steve Tanner Kanta Marwha Norm Torontow(Sage Club) Bob Fisher Howard Lithwick Guy Bourbonniere Partick Flain (former member) Jackie Holzman Alison Poirier Debra-Lynn Menard President David Daubney Kathleen Holst Rita Harper Peter Patafie Bob Horlick.

Respectfully submitted, Bob Horlick, Senior Citizens/Hands On Committee