TV Bingo

Price Change for TV Bingo cards


Starting April 1, 2019, TV Bingo cards will be raised to $4.

The price has remained the same since the bingo began in 2010, and the change is due to an increase in the cost of TV production and other related operating costs to run the weekly TV Bingo show, therefore it is necessary for Kiwanis to raise the cost of a bingo card to $4.00 effective the April 1st game.

The prize board will remain the same. Thank you for playing every week – your continued patronage allows Kiwanis to provide financial support to the Ottawa Community. Please pass this message along to your family and friends who play our TV Bingo.

CHEO Donations from Mac's and Kiwanis

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has great partnership for the Kiwanis TV Bingo with Mac's Milk who are the exclusive sales agent for the weekly bingo cards.

As a thank you for the help from Mac's, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa made a $15,000 donation to the CHEO Foundation on behalf of Mac's, who kindly matched the donation with their own $15,000. Here are some photos of the donations made at Mac's store at Metcalfe and Gloucester in Ottawa.

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and Rogers TV raise funds for Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa Ottawa

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and Rogers TV raise funds for Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa Ottawa

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, in partnership with Rogers TV, is proud to announce a donation of $15,000 to help construct a Rogers Raising the Grade Technology Centre within the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa’s McCann Clubhouse on McArthur Avenue. The money was raised through the Kiwanis TV Bingo program.

Raising the Grade offers students access to tools to help them with their education and career path, including computers and high-speed Internet access, and educational software. The Raising the Grade website includes tools that match students with their ideal career based on their interests, and also helps them discover new interests and career possibilities.

One Can Make a Difference - Steve Moore

President Alison gave her President’s Rose to Steve Moore. Steve joined our club in 1991 and immediately joined our TV Auction Committee and our Duck Race Committee, followed by 4 other committees - Interclub Sports and Social, and Air Cadets, for a number of years.

Steve was elected to the Board in 1997 and remained on the Board until 2001. He became very active with our new Bed Race Committee and was Chair in 2007-08.

Steve was re-elected to the Board as a Director in 2008-09, and was elected Vice-President for 2009-10. As Vice-President he was in charge of the Fundraising Committees, and at the same time, he began working very closely with the TV Bingo Committee and has done a great job as the Team Leader for Sales and Distribution.

In order to focus more on this exciting new fundraiser, Steve decided to step down from the Board of Directors to concentrate more on leading the TV Bingo team. This is now our club’s major fundraiser and requires commitment and personal attention from many club members. We can say with confidence, that Steve’s professionalism and business acumen is a strong asset to the TV Bingo.

Steve is a good ambassador for our club, and maintains strong relationships with the partners of our TV Bingo – mainly Rogers Cable 22, as well as Macs Convenience Stores, Ottawa Sun and Dymon Storage

President’s Rose - Tom Burnie

President Alison gave her President’s Rose to Tom Burnie. Tom, a former President of the Kiwanis Club of Medecine Hat Alberta, has dedicated an awesome amount of his time and project management expertise to a combination of Kiwanis projects ranging from our TV Bingo fundraiser to training sessions and manuals for the restructuring of our Club to address new not for profit regulations coming our way. A well deserved rose to a very deserving Kiwanian!