Kiwanis Medical Foundation / Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Discovery Day

Wednesday 12:00 at Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

Join us for the launch of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation/Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Discovery Day in Health Sciences, an event which will be taking place at the University of Ottawa on May 31, 2019.   Although this event has been held in universities across Canada for over 15 years, it will be the first Discovery Day to be held in Ottawa. We are thus very excited to be a part of this inaugural event.

Keynote address from Lissa Foster, Executive Director of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, who will describe the impressive scope and history of the Discovery Day program.  Also joining us will be Dr. Paul Bragg, Vice-Dean, University of Ottawa, who will share the University’s perspective on the upcoming Ottawa Discovery Day. We will also be paying tribute to Kiwanis member Dr. Wilbert Keon, who died recently. He played a key role in the negotiations between the Kiwanis Medical Foundation, the University of Ottawa and the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame to bring the Discovery Days event to Ottawa. Dr. Keon is also a laureate of the Hall.

Kiwanis Luncheon, Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, January 20, 2017 - “Practical Criminal Law”

Guest speaker - Vince Clifford, Lawyer at Edelson Clifford D’Angelo LLP

Have you ever wondered what your rights are if you are stopped by a police officer? What happens if you lie to a police officer? What are your rights if you are detained?  Are police officers allowed to stop and ask you for identification?  Do you have to answer all their questions?    Vince, a high profile criminal law lawyer, who’s represented a former Ottawa mayor, as well as, acted for serial killer Colonel Russell Williams, spoke about the accused's rights with respect to practical criminal law.

"How can you defend a criminal who you know is guilty?"  Vince was asked one day.   He explained that in our country you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Kiwanis Luncheon, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence (CAVCOE) January 6, 2017

Guest speaker: Barrie Kirk, Executive Director, Canadian Automated Vehicles Centre of Excellence

“You heard it here first!”  Barrie Kirk shared exciting news about automated vehicles which are coming sooner than we think. Drivers in Ontario will soon have to share the road as the first province to allow the testing of automated vehicles and related technology.  Barrie says automated and connected-vehicle technologies can improve fuel efficiency and help reduce traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and driver distraction. “Human error is the critical reason for 93 per cent of crashes, and computers never get distracted, are never drunk and they have senses that span 360 degrees”. Long-haul truck drivers, taxi drivers, even transit workers could be forced out of work as companies and municipal governments embrace transportation technologies that don't require someone behind the wheel, and everyone from insurance adjusters to auto body repair technicians could also feel the effects.

President’s Rose - Lynda Campbell

The President’s Rose President Alison honoured Lynda Campbell, she who works so hard as Chair of our Program Committee and strives to make a difference in the lives of others.

Lynda was introduced to our club in 1993 by former member Bill Cowie. She immediately became part of the Duck Race and Membership Committees, and was happy to coordinate the 100 or so volunteers required for Duck Race Day. She is a former Chair of the Senior Citizens Committee, and helped out at the Seniors’ Annual Tea, acting as one of the hosts for our 400 or so Senior guests.