Bulletin of 97.09.12

**OUR 80TH ANNIVERSARY YEAR - CHARTERED DECEMBER 22,1917** FRIDAY, September 19/97 -12:30 pm Chateau Laurier - Adam Room “Addiction - Problems and Answers” Dr. Mark Ujjainwalla, a graduate of the University of Ottawa, has been active at his private practice with the Smyth Medical Centre since 1986. His specialty is the treatment and research of addictions. On the Menu: Sole Neptune, Red Pepper Cream Sauce, Potatoes, Vegetables (or Fruit Plate, or Vegetarian....just ask the waiters when they come to your table) SPECIAL RAFFLE Earl Crowe has once again obtained tickets to the National Arts Centre to see the spectacular STOMP! September 23-28... Be prepared to buy raffle ticekts next week! Sep 12 meeting Conrad Winn explained that there are many different ways to take polls and he stressed that the results can often be misrepresentative depending upon who the poll was taken by, when it was taken, how and why. Nonetheless, big business can’t live without polls and they will always remain a necessity in many political studies. COMMEMORATIVE PLAQUE . As President Ron stated, “The 80th Anniversary of our Club is a rare opportunity to reflect on our rich traditon of service to the Ottawa Community”. One of these traditions is our weekly meetings at the Chateau Laurier which remained the cornerstone of our Club since 1917. To commemorate this celebration, a solid-cast bronze plaque measuring 18” x 22” was unveiled today by, President Ron Wing, Past President Allan Castledine and Pat Kelly, Manager of the Chateau Laurier. This plaque will be proudly displayed in the Chateau Laurier hallway close to the Adam Room. Be sure to take a look at it next week. Thank you to Richard Munro, Chair of the Public Relations Committee, and the members of the Committee for their efforts in getting this plaque presented. As well, thank you to Chris Thompson and his company, Capital Stamp for making the beautiful plaque. Congratulations ....... to Ian Hendry who received the President’s weekly Rose for his valuable assistance to the Board of Directors and to the members of the Club. ......to Michel Podeszfinski who won the raffle of a gift basket by Aspen Gift Baskets donated by Tom Spence, and to Sandra Coté who won a golf sweater donated by Alan Smith. Thank you both for donating, $148.00 was raised for our General Account. WE WELCOMED OUR NEWEST MEMBER David Young, a Structural Engineer with Adjeleian Allen Rubeli Limited, who was introduced by his sponsor John Adjeleian. David lives in Ottawa and enjoys softball and golf. Being the son of our member Barry Young, David has been involved with our Club since he was very young and is well acquainted with the aspects of Kiwanis. President Ron is pleased that David will be joining our Duck Race and our Interclub, Sports and Social Committee. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When you change yourself to win someone’s heart, you better be prepared to accept that this will now be your way of life forever. WOULD YOU BELIEVE? “One in five visits to a family doctor on a daily basis is made by an active drinking alcoholic”, says Dr. Cunnigham of Toronto. “Each individual case of alcoholism is estimated to adversely affect 25 other people.” (from Medical Watch) COMMITTEE MEETINGS Mon Sep 15 Charitable Gift Planning 12:30 Robert Houle’s office BOARD OF DIRECTORS 5:45 Fuliwah Restaurant (** LOCATION CHANGE) Tue Sep 16 President’s Training Session for 1997-98 Board of Directors, Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons, Lord Elgin Hotel 7:00 -Please RSVP to the Kiwanis office for attendance purposes Wed Sep 17 Youth & Community 12:00 Credit Bureau of Ottawa-Carleton Boardroom Key Club 12:00 Neil McDonald’s office 830 Campbell Avenue Thu Sep 18 Sponsored Youth/Circle K - 12:00 Frank Hegyi’s office 170 Laurier Ave #707 Tues Sep 23 Iodine Deficiency Disorders 5:30 Peter Weltman’s home (**DATE CHANGE Wed Sep24 & Thu Sep 25 7:30 pm ** MUSIC COMMITTEE REHEARSAL UPCOMING LUNCHEON MEETINGS Sept 26 President and Board of Directors - Turnover Day Oct 10 Dr. Joanne Dicosimo, Museum of Nature Oct 17 John Cripton - Director General of the National Arts Centre Oct 24 Roy Mlakar - President, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club Oct 31 Company of Musical Theatre Nov 7 Remembrance Day Luncheon - Mr. Len Dent , Remembrance Canada Nov 14 Her Excellency Mrs. Diana Fowler Leblanc, Palliative Care in Canada ** Dec 12 Kiwanis International President Walter Sellers - in recognition of our Club’s 80th Anniversary of the Charter of our Club. Mark your calendars! **** NIGHT IN THE PENALTY BOX - SEPTEMBER 26/97 **** Ottawa Senators vs Buffalo Sabres! As a change of Venue from our Round Robin for Turnover Day, the Interclub, Sports and Social Committee is pleased to present a special evening with a first class meal and entrance to the game for 140 people for only $45.00. Please call Jim Anderson, Jack Johannsen or Tom Spence. YOUTH & COMMUNITY - At our meeting of September 5, Chairman Les Morin was pleased to make a special plaque presentation to Dr. Michael Derrick who has lived the greater part of his life for his contribution to the Kiwanis Cub of Ottawa and the many under-privilieged children in this community. Dr. Derrick was a member of our club from 1954 to 1990 when he elected to resign due to business pressures in his dental profession. He did not lose contact with our club, however, as he continued to provide professional advice and dental services to the many children assigned to his care by our Youth and Community Services Committtee. He has since retired but not without providing us with the names of two other members in his profession who would continue the work that Dr. Derrick was so willing to do for so many years. HANDS-ON 1. Volunteers are required for an uplifting experience with the Kiwanianne Club of Ottawa. We will be loading a truck for their Flea Market on September 19 at 5:00. We will meet at Tippet Richardson, 1209 Algoma Road. Call Buck Madden 238-2801 if you can help out for 1 hour. 2. We have committted to a major building project in aid of Investing in Women’s Worth at the old Immaculata High School at 211 Bronson Avenue. We will be framing classrooms, putting up drywall and eventually paining the rooms. Work will start on Tuesday, September 16/97 at 7:00 pm . If you can lend a hand please call Larry Horn at 746-9776 AN INTERCLUB was held at the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa-Vanier on Thursday, September 11/97 and the following 4 members attended - Les Morin, Gerry Slobodian, Bernie Ethier and Tom Lamothe. CONGRATULATIONS to Rocco D’Angelo and his wife Sandra on the early arrival of their second daughter, Sarah Rose, who came into this world on Friday, September 5. PLEASE NOTE that at the luncheon of September 19/97, you will be asked to vote on an amount of $10,000 which represents our 3rd contribution to the Kiwanis Worldwide Service Project to eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorders by the year 2000. INTERCLUB An Interclub was held at the Kiwanis Club Sage on Wednesday, September 10/97. The following 5 members attended: Jim Anderson, Stan Greenwood, Reg Gilstorf, Jack Johannsen, and Bob Vergette. An Interclub was also held at the Kiwanis Club of Rideau on Thursday, September 11 and the following 9 attended: President Ron Wing, Marcia Saipe, Peter Weltman, Ken Birch, Steve Georgopoulos, Tom Keogh, Keith McGruer, Rita Harper and Jim Watson who was the guest speaker. 1997 LOTTERY CALENDAR - 4,962 calendars were sold for 1997! CALENDAR WINNER for Sunday, September 7, 1997 Calendar # 2917 Steve Tanner 2 Seasons Tickets (value $2,000) courtesy of the Ottawa Senators ROSTER CHANGES: Harold Moore - home phone 596-1889 John O’Neil - new fax number 235-7890 The new Roster is now gone for its final artwork and will be ready October 3/97 HEAD TABLE for September 19/97 1. Murray McKeage 2. Elizabeth Brouse (new) 3. Janet Dodds 4. Earl Crowe 5. Dr. Mark Ujjianawalla 6. President Ron 7. Reverend Art Conrad 8. Jamie Johnson 9. Guy Bourbonniere 10. Kate McLeod (new) 11. Kent Howie 12. 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