Bulletin of 1997.10.03


FRIDAY, October 10/97 -12:30 pm Chateau Laurier - Adam Room We will be hearing from Joanne DiCosimo, the new President of the Canadian Museum of Nature. Ms. DiCosimo has a 20-year career in museum work including nine years as Chief Executive Officer of the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature in Winnipeg . Ms. DiCosimo is well known for her knowledge of the museum world and under her leadership, the Manitoba Museum became deficit-free after mounting a strong fundraising initiative. Please advise the Kiwanis office if you are bringing a guest.

On the Menu: Roast Turkey with Stuffing, Potatoes and Vegetables (or Fruit Plate, or Vegetarian....just ask the waiters when they come to your table)

Oct 3 meeting ...Thank you to President-Elect Ian Hendry who Chaired a fine meeting today. Lorne Usher introduced Jim Shearon who admitted that he is a die-hard New York Yankee’s fan - wearing the jersey and all! Jim stated that he loves the Yankees for two reasons; they are the greatest team in baseball, ever, and they have 2 of the greatest Canadian players that ever played for the Yankees. He highlighted some of his personal experiences as well as the chronicles of baseball history including some of the tricks on the field, minor accidents and achievements of the players.

Congratulations .......to Stephen Smye who received the President’s Rose from Ian Hendry for all the personal time he puts into playing the piano for our Friday luncheons and for the Music Committee. ........to Jean Filion who won the raffle of a beautiful crystal pitcher donated by Chris Thomspon. Thank you for donating Chris,$126.00 was raised for our General Account.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It’s what you learn after you know it all that really counts.

SYMPATHY OF THE CLUB is extended to Pat and Peter Clark, in memory of their son, Brad, who passed away last Sunday, Sept 28, here in Ottawa. Funeral services were held on Thursday. Our thoughts are with the Clark family at this time.

SYMPATHY OF THE CLUB is also extended to the family of Mabel Taylor, who passed away last week, wife of the late Maxwell Taylor, a long-time member of our Club. Mrs. Taylor has generously left a bequest of $5,000 to our Club and $5,000 to the Kiwanis Medical Foundation.

AS WELL, Lola More died this week. She was the wife a long-time member, the late Bernard More, whom many of you may remember. No man or woman of the humblest sort can really be strong, gentle, pure and good without the world being better for it, without somebody being helped and comforted by the very existence of that goodness.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS Mon Oct 6 Board of Directors (**first meeting of the new Board) 5:45 Kiwanis office Wed Oct 8 Education/Historical 8:00 pm Peter Charboneau’s home Iodine Deficiency Disorders 5:35 Kiwanis office Thu Oct 9 Senior Citizens 6:45 pm Laurentian Club Tue Oct 14 Programme 7:30 pm Dave Parkes home Hands-On 7:30 pm Ross Hadwen’s home Membership 7:30 pm Chris Thompson’s home Public Relations 6:15 Kiwanis office Wed Oct 15 Youth & Community 12:00 Bob Horlick’s office Thu Oct 16 Lottery for Kids 8:00 am Easter Seals Society, Boardroom Medical Foundation 12:00 Laurentian Club


Oct 17 John Cripton - Director General of the National Arts Centre

Oct 24 Roy Mlakar - President, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club

Oct 31 Company of Musical Theatre

Nov 7 Remembrance Day Luncheon-Mr. Len Dent, Canada Remembers Commemoration Committee

Nov 14 Her Excellency Mrs. Diana Fowler Leblanc, Palliative Care in Canada

**Dec 12 Kiwanis International President Walter Sellers - in recognition of our Club’s 80th Anniversary of the Charter of our Club. Mark your calendars!

INTERCLUBS PLANNED for October : Nepean October 15, contact Barry Young; Pembroke - October 22, contact Ted Digel; Sage, October 29, contact Jim Anderson.

CARP FAIR Thank you to the following members for volunteering to work the booth at the Storybook Farm of the Carp Fair last weekend: Pierre Laurin, Doug Legere, Stephen Tanner, Derek Finley, Geoff Godding, William Thompson. Special Thanks to Bob Horlick and Jim Anderson for arranging the volunteers and for their extra special efforts at the Fair. Your assistance is appreciated.

YOUTH AND COMMUNITY SERVICES COMMITTEE We received a thank you note from Dr. Michael Derrick for the plaque presentation that Les Morin made to him at one of our recent luncheons. Dr. Derrick has been providing dental services to many of the children that our Youth & Community Services Committee receives requests from. In Dr. Derrick’s letter he states “ My small contribution has always been in the spirit of the Kiwanis tradition as I feel I owe something to the community which has been so generous to me. Thank you and keep up your great work “

A Special Mention ?!?!? A number of months ago, a plea was made by the Kiwanis office for all our members to check their coat pockets, briefcases or purses and return those little yellow tabs that you pick up when you register for lunch. There was even a prize offered to the member who returned the most. Well....one member returned 53 plastic tabs - some yellow, some blue and even some gray ones which haven’t been used for at least 5 years. Ian Hendry was pleased to ask Matt McGrath to come forward to accept a little token of our appreciation. (There are still many members who I’m sure still have some tabs.....so.......)

ALEX DAYTON SENIOR ACTIVITY CENTRE is looking for a Bridge teacher for Friday mornings 9 - 12:00. If you know anyone who would be interested, contact Sandra Presley.

Committee Chairperson Office Fax Air Cadets Mike St. Louis 596-6600 596-9253 Benefit Dinner Rob Thompson 789-8899 789-8879 Ev Colton 225-2524 225-2376 Charitable Gift Planning Robert Houle 226-1964 226-8402 Duck Race Derek Finley 224-2020 224-2785 Education/Historical Peter Charboneau 224-9947 224-8825 Golf Tournament Clive Woolley 562-6230 562-6402 Hands-On Bob Horlick 228-0302 228-8073 IDD Project Kathleen Holst 233-9554 747-8398 Interclub, Sports & Social Barry Young 749-7414 749-5835 Lottery for Kids Neil McDonald 725-2128 725-5098 837-3752 Major Emphasis Martin Diegel 567-0235 567-1264 834-7095 Medical Foundation Jennifer Rae 941-1450 941-4546 742-6765 Membership Chris Thompson 236-0677 236-3508 234-7571 Music/Entertainment Ann Max 237-4875 Music Festival Barb Perrin 238-2311 238-6715 837-3717 Programme Henry Krzywicki 727-0895 727-0581 789-0582 Public Relations John O’Neil 235-8895 235-7890 235-8895 Relay on Ice Bryon Martin 831-0119 Scavenger Hunt Geoff Godding 723-2222 723-2345 599-3026 Senior Citizens Linda Campbell 830-9999 830-9411 830-3361 Spiritual Aims & Intl Affairs Father Bill More 565-6969 235-3697 Sponsored Youth - Circle K Frank Hegy 237-8055 237-1176 731-7355 Sponosred Youth - Key Club Bill Keating 564-7975 564-7960 830-7307 Ways & Means Mike Morling 722-3281 724-4730 722-8310 Youth & Community Services Tom Keogh 738-1712 738-2195 837-9144


1997 LOTTERY CALENDAR - 4,962 calendars were sold for 1997! CALENDAR WINNER for Sunday, September 28, 1997 Calendar # 5818 Cara Simpson $700.00 CASH!


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